How The Church Spreads Its Message Via Social Media

June 9, 2012
Churches and Social Media Infographic Faith is such a strong force to bring people together -- and for the church, one surefire way to get people involved in a cause is to reach out through social media. With the world increasingly becoming reliant on the communicative power of the Internet, religious organizations and their followers have carved a niche for themselves to congregate online. According to research by Christian digital advertising agency Buzzplant, over 30 percent of the churches surveyed said they have active Facebook profiles, with some updated every day. Only 15 percent said they never used any form of online social network. Nearly 50 percent agree that the likes of Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are highly effective in terms of getting an announcement out, while some of the more traditional ones, about 25 per cent, still prefer face to face interaction. A vicar from a church in Wales, for instance, has expressed plans to use the full force of the web to reach out to the younger parishioners. "We can reach out to the whole community to show how the simple Gospel message interacts in daily life. A key way for us to do that is by embracing social media," said Reverend Roger Pitman (@RevRogerPitman), who creates websites, writes blogs and tweets. The results are based on responses of the over 250 churches on their usage of social media networks. Buzzplant also works with religious organizations in providing education on how social media can help strengthen their information dissemination campaigns. Given the focus on the Internet and how many people are active online, it is somewhat expected that traditional organizations like the church would jump in and claim their audience. The church is going digital -- and rightly so. What do you think? Let's exchange insights in the comments section below.   [Photo Source: Mashable]  

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