Is Social Media Good for Education?

July 31, 2013

Social media is fast becoming the premier avenue for people to advertise, purchase, meet new people and learn. Education is also part of the whole scheme as more people are opting to get new ideas and take lessons using the various available internet tools and features. Social media is ideal for individuals who wish to keep learning despite their heavy work schedule and hectic lifestyles.

The Benefits

1. It's easy to communicate with everyone

Social media platforms are full of tools and options that allow you to conveniently approach teachers, educators and experts to get information quickly. Some individuals have one-on-one sessions via video conferences or chats. Questions can be directed towards the experts and you can expect specific and immediate answers. You can talk to people from other parts of the world any time of the day. Mobile devices and smart phones make the approach much easier. There are actually some who hold online classes via social media.

2. Updated information

You can get the latest news and events by spending a few minutes on social media. In fact, there are plenty of times wherein social media has provided relevant and reliable information several hours before news channels and newspapers. People can discuss particular events and issues thoroughly. They can also get insider news and information by contacting key individuals who have existing accounts in various social media sites.

3. More choices

More tools and features are introduced by social media sites, allowing you to easily find relevant topics and specific data. Hashtags are one of the primary tools used nowadays which will keep you close to special information. You can also meet other experienced and skilled individuals who belong in the same field or industry. Choose from a variety of related topics to get full information. Education is also more interesting since you can get different types of content from videos, articles and links.

4. Flexibility

You don?t have to regularly attend class or follow a fixed schedule when learning on social media. You can choose to spend a few minutes or hours depending on your available time and mood. Mobile devices, tablets and smart phones can be used so you can learn anywhere and in the most conducive places. You also don?t hurt your budget much since a lot of the information you find on social media networks is free. Enrollment fees are generally affordable and you get to choose the pace so you can make the most out of your time and investment. Read more about Schools and Hashtags.

Why It Can Be Bad

1. Negligence

Since social media contains a variety of information, it is easy to get tempted to browse other people?s accounts and use it for recreational purposes instead of learning. Many people spend a few hours each day just replying to posts or uploading content without getting the information they?re looking for. There are so many interesting things to browse online which can easily make users neglect their true intentions.

2. Information sources

The type of information you get on social media should be checked a few times to ensure that it is authentic and accurate. There is the risk of dealing with unscrupulous users too. Overall, social media is an excellent environment to get educated. Learn the basics then take a few courses and modules to your advantage.

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