Marketing Online? Study Says Target "Mobile-First" Users

February 12, 2013
Companies are constantly getting information from their target market so they know how to address consumers properly and meet their ever-changing needs and demands. Twitter recently presented the results of a study on primary mobile users. These are described as individuals who use Twitter via mobile devices or smart phones instead of desktop computers. According to the findings, the "mobile-first" users on Twitter are more engaged compared to other mobile users. The target market is also younger and quickly responds to marketing efforts that focus on mobile platforms. The study showed that mobile-first users are younger than the regular Twitter user and is more than 50 percent less likely to use a desktop computer when logging on to Twitter. These individuals are also 86 percent more active on the social micro-blogging site and frequently check the website. These individuals access the website using their smart phones primarily, followed by tablets. Those between 18 and 35 years old are more than 50 percent more likely to log into Twitter using a mobile device compared to people outside the age range. A lot of these individuals log on to the website upon waking up, before going to bed and even while at work or in school. The importance of the results is to provide Twitter with the necessary information that will improve its mobile advertising efforts. Targeted campaigns will benefit more by understanding how and when people use Twitter. The mobile-first users specified show the most potential that will ultimately help the company improve in its social media campaigns. Some of the main findings from the study are that the target market is 300 percent more likely to use Twitter while commuting, they are 169 percent more likely to use Twitter while shopping, 157 percent more likely to use the moment they wake up and 129 percent more likely to use before going to bed.


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