Your Tweet Matters: Study Shows More People "See" Tweets Than "Post" Them

Nielsen conducted research which showed that more people read tweets about television compared to those who actually create tweets by a margin of 50-1. However, the people who tend to ?see? the tweets comprise a more balanced profile in terms of demography, compared to those who post tweets. A modeled approach was used by Nielsen to gather data. The findings revealed how Twitter TV can be an essential tool that helps reach a wider audience, aside from those actually watching television. Based on the profile balance, an example is that the?people creating the tweet may be comprised of more males who are between 20 and 25 years of age, while the viewers may be comprised of 50 percent male and 50 percent female. According to the Nielsen research, Twitter TV authors ranged from 12 percent to 92 percent male. The wide gap between the two percentages showed that male users do not outnumber female users and vice versa. The study further indicated that the type of audience drawn to the tweet will depend on the kind of show and episode. Twitter TV is quickly gaining popularity with 36 million people in the United States tweeting about shows they watch on television in 2013. 990 tweets were sent about television in the United States during the same year. More people are drawn towards broadcast comedy series at 22 percent, followed by broadcast reality series at 19 percent and broadcast drama series at 14 percent. They get a wider audience by tweeting about cable sports events like basketball, racing and boxing. Twitter TV authors who drove younger audiences were generally under 35 years old, while those who skewed older audiences were over 35 years old. In sports events, Twitter TV authors skewed 65 percent female in reality programs and 79 percent male in sports events. In reality shows, Twitter TV authors tend to be younger, with 75 percent being under 35 years old. In comedy shows, 63 percent of Twitter TV authors were under 35 years old as well. According to Nielsen, demographic data from tweets that talk about television can be delivered for programming within 24 hours over the supported networks based on episode, network, program and total TV levels. Nielsen partnered with Twitter in 2012 to launch the TV Ratings feature. Using the feature, marketers can initiate campaigns to bring more audiences to TV shows with low ratings. Fans can discuss episodes and other aspects of the program as well as encourage others to start viewing. nielsen-infographic

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