Fashionistas Share the Most outrageous Outfits on #CFDAAWARDS

#CFDAAWARDS trending on Twitter shows how music and fashion can drive social media.

Social Media Users Respond to Existing Dangers Towards Women with #YesAllWomen

Why #YesAllWomen is trending -- and why it matters that it is.

UK Independence Party Hashtag Hijacked Before Elections

#WhyImVotingUkip would have made a great venue for political discourse--until things turned sour.

Nintendo Gamer Wants Same-sex Options and Uses #MiiQuality To Push It

Avid Nintendo gamer pushes for gender quality on games through #MiiQuality hashtag.

#WhatJayZSaidToSolange Is Proof How Huge Twitter Can Explode Over A Celebrity

#WhatJayZSaidToSolange fires up Twitter, proving that, yes, social media is that powerful.

#MVPDurant Trends As Twitter Celebrates Kevin Durant's First MVP Award

How does Twitter celebrate a milestone in a basketball star's career? Make his hashtag trend, of course.

Burger King's #TBT: The #SubservientChicken Returns for 10-year Anniversary

How Burger King got itself to trend by bringing back it's most loved Internet character.

#AmazingBabyRescueMe: How Evian Used The Hashtag To Its Advantage

See how Evian rode on the Amazing Spider-Man 2.

#RejectedIceCream Proves Humor Is Everywhere -- And Can Trend -- On Twitter

In celebration of its 36th year in the ice cream business, Ben & Jerry's merges social media savvy and humor with <a href="http://hashtags.org/analytics/RejectedIceCream">#RejectedIceCream</a>.

Despite Twitter Backlash, FLOTUS' #LetsMove Campaign Holds Strong

US First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move campaign continues to trend on Twitter and proves that it is bigger than the tweets of criticism against it.

#Couplie Sparks A New Trend Because, You Know, It's Valentine's Week

Move over single-person photos, these tandems are set to take social media by storm.

Sochi Hashtags You Shouldn?t Miss

The wave of hashtags created in celebration (criticism) of the 2014 Winter Olympics is not really surprising, at all.

Super Bowl Season is Also Hashtag Season! See Who's at the Top

This year, hashtag advertising on TV went up further as the Super Bowl draws much larger crowds.

Hashtags and Memes: The Fun (and Funny) Ways They Go Together

Memes offer a whole new way of looking at hashtags -- and how hilarious it can get.

#Lawrencing, #Riccing: Celebrity Inspired Hashtag Trends

Certain celebrity blunders -- and deliberate activities -- are simply worth hashtagging.

#GoldenGlobes And Why It Trended This Week

Who won and who got the most tweet activity?

Sex Trade Advocates Correct Misconceptions In #NotYourRescueProject

"We're no damsels in distress!" say supporters of #NotYourRescueProject.

7 Social Media Trends to Watch For in 2014

The opening of 2014 should jumpstart your social media strategy. Here's where -- and how -- you can start.

#RememberingMandela Trends As Twitter Pays Tribute To A Great Leader

Social media "bows" down to one of the greatest leaders this world has ever known.

How #WalmartFights Became An Annual Black Friday Tradition

With the post-Black Friday hangover still buzzing days after, let's look at the annual brouhaha characterizing #WalmartFights.

#BlackFriday vs #CyberMonday: Which Got The Most Tweets?

Beyond family, Thanksgiving 2013 also means a shopping spree.

#AMAs Bring Social Media Alive: Hashtags That Trended

Here are the top hashtags that make their way to trending status during the 2013 American Music Awards.

On #TransformationTuesday, Change Trends Online

Tuesday is the time people see how far they've gone and changed.

#SorryNotSorry: 3 Reasons Why It Will Always Trend

There are trends that go on for a very long time. See why.

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