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#18ThingsIWant Shows What It Takes To Really Trend On Twitter

Indian author Chetan Bhagat promoted his latest book with the hashtag #18ThingsIWant -- and trended.

#47Percent Adds Salt to the #RomneyEncore Wound

Twitter users take to #47percent to bash 2012 Republican party presidentiable Mitt Romney's statements in a leaked video.

#AMA2012 Trends On The 40th American Music Awards

Twitter goes abuzz with the 40th American Music Awards.

#Art4Me Sparks Inspiration Worldwide

A ninth-grade project to test how far <a href="/analytics/art4me">#art4me</a> will go sparks renewed appreciation for art around the world.

#Emergency2012 Trends In India As Users Cry Censorship

In Aug 22, 2012, the hashtags #emergency2012 and #GOIblocks trended as Twitter India users cried foul on the government's alleged censorship action.

#Emmys Prank Sparks An Instant 25,000 Tweets

<a href="/analytics/emmys">#Emmys</a> prank featuring Jimmy Kimmel and <a href="/analytics/tracymorgan">#TracyMorgan</a> gets massive Twitter attention.

#GeneralElection Inspires Japan To Be Political

Being in-the-know on the Japan National Elections on December 16, 2012 is about to go viral with the hashtag <a href="/analytics/generalelection">#GeneralElection</a>.

#HalfTheSky Gains Support For Film On Women’s Rights

<a href="/analytics/halfthesky">#HalfTheSky </a> hopes to build greater awareness through a four-hour film that highlights the plight of women around the world.

#HelpFindKara Search For Missing NJ Teen May Be A Hoax

The cryptic Twitter post by a teenage girl before she reportedly disappeared has sparked a wave support for her search with #HelpFindKara.

#IAdmitThat Reveals Netizens’ Deep Secrets

<a href="/analytics/IAdmitThat">#IAdmitThat</a> inspires Twitter users to reveal hidden truths about themselves online.

#IfOnlyIWereMexican Backfires On Michael Moore

The director's <a href="/analytics/IfOnlyIWereMexican">#IfOnlyIWereMexican</a> hashtag intended to criticize Mitt Romney backfires as netizens resort to stereotypes.

#India Govt Holds 1st @Twitter Conference With #DOI

The Indian government marks its first ever Twitter conference with <a href="/analytics/doi">#DOI</a>

#MarchMadness Fires Up Sports

Twitter goes ablaze with the 2013 NCAA season.

#Merdeka55 Records Astounding 3.6 Million Tweets In One Hour

In August 31, 2012, Malaysians may have set a new world record by sending a massive 3.6 million tweets in a span of 60 minutes as citizens celebrated Independence Day.

#ModernSeinfeld Prepares To Trend Big Time

The hashtag #ModernSeinfeld is now onTwitter where online users can share their own ideas on how the story would have gone in recent times.

#MTVHottest Draws Astounding Engagement Numbers

MTV UK uses hashtag to promote a show -- and succeeds dramatically.

#MuslimRage Turns To Humor On Twitter

<a href="/analytics/MuslimRage">#MuslimRage</a> injects humor (and a better understanding) into a very serious global issue.

#Netanyahu #UN Cartoon Bomb Sparks Reactions Online

<a href="/analytics/netanyahu">#Netanyahu</a> trended after the Israeli PM presented a cartoonish photo of a bomb at the most recent <a href="/analytics/UN">#UN</a> meeting.

#NFL Fans Rush To Twitter After Controversial #Seahawks Win

National Football League fans took their frustrations to Twitter after a controversial win by the Seahawks against the Green Bay Packers.

#RememberingMandela Trends As Twitter Pays Tribute To A Great Leader

Social media "bows" down to one of the greatest leaders this world has ever known.

#Tweetshop Brings Crowd To @KelloggCompany UK Store

Kellogg's UK launches new Special K product with a pop-up store and Twitter currency.

#Twitter Taps #Media Moguls For Its Board

Twitter reportedly seeks entertainment bigwigs to claim seats at its board.

#VSFashionShow Breaks Hotness Record Yet Again

#VSFashionShow trends on Twitter as the breathtakingly stunning event unfolds. Don't you just wish you were there?

#WhatIfChicago Trends In Bid To Reduce Gun Violence

<a href="/analytics/whatifchicago">#WhatIfChicago</a> hopes to reduce gun-related violence in the city as crowd tweets ideas and thought-leaders get set for debate on October 11.

#YAllRemember Trends On Twitter, And It’s Not Even Thursday Yet

A trending hashtag has to appeal to the emotional side of the Twitter universe -- and #YAllRemember has done just that.

10 Comedians For Your Daily Dose Of Twitter Laughs

Laughter is the best medicine -- even in under 140 characters.

10 Social Media Platforms We Love In 2013

In these digital times, people turn to social media for just about everything. Here's our top 10.

10 Tech Experts You Should Follow On Twitter

Twitter is a rich source of valuable tech information -- and the best are certainly there to answer your questions.

10 Things You Should Know About Getting Twitter Followers

Getting the right followers on Twitter may sound easy, but it's actually trickier to keep them.

10 Tips and Tricks to Maximize Twitter Use

Here are 10 ways to make the most out of your Twitter experience, whether for social or business purposes.

10 Twitter Accounts For A No-Stress Holiday Holiday Vibe This 2013

For a stress-free holiday season, everything you need is on Twitter.

10 Twitter Hashtags For Business In 2013

Whether you’re new to business or wish to improve customer service and sales, there are a number of hashtags that will be helpful in accomplishing your online objectives.

10 Ways To Convert Twitter Followers Into Buyers

There are techniques that will effectively convert followers into loyal buyers without being accused of being a hard sell.

15 Tech Geeks to Follow on Twitter

Twitter is a product of tech genius. Here's out list of the most prolific tech geeks on the micro-blogging community.

20 Ultra-Funny People To Follow On Twitter

Lighten up your Twitter feed and enjoy the micro-blogging experience by adding these names to your 'following' list.

3 Keys To Better Twitter Relationships

On Twitter, it's not enough that you have thousands of followers. You have to nurture your online relationships to maximize the experience and, if you're a company, boost brand recall and sales.

30 Ways to Boost Your Twitter Following

Having a large number of Twitter followers means you get your message out to more people, who will likely retweet to more if they like what you say. Here's how to boost your numbers.

30 Ways To Use Twitter For Education

As Twitter carves a niche for itself as a legitimate source of information, many educational organizations and online colleges are investing on Twitter to provide relevant and quick information to current and potential students.

4 Key Performance Indicators To Measuring Hashtag Success

How well did your hashtag perform? Measure it in numbers.

40 Sexiest Female Sports Stars to Follow on Twitter

Here's our brief guide to the Twitter accounts of the sporting industry's sexiest females.

5 Don’ts of Promoted Tweets and Trends

By now you probably already know what "Promoted" can give you on Twitter. Here's what NOT to do.

5 Must-Haves for a Successful Business Twitter Account

What does it take for your business account to gain a solid following?

5 Signs That You Are Over-Selling on Social Media

Promoting yourself on Twitter is okay; but when it becomes a hard sell, people will no doubt back away.

5 Steps Toward a Positive Twitter Brand

In order to build a positive Twitter brand, you have to be familiar with the different methods and tools that will build your presence online.

5 Surefire Ways to Increase Your Follower Count

Getting people to follow you on Twitter, or any social media platform, is a challenge. Here's how to increase your follower count.

5 Things That Fire Up Trolls and What You Should Do About Them

Trolls, when handled the right way, can actually be turned toward your favor.

5 Traits Of Successful Job Seekers On Twitter

Twitter is an effective venue to land your dream job. Here's how to compose yourself and your tweets to make job hunting a success.

5 Ways To Convert Your Clients On Twitter

Play your characters right and your followers could turn into your clients.

5 Ways To Grab Your Market’s Attention On Twitter

Having followers is great, but how can you be sure you're attracting the right people?

5 Ways To Make The Twitterverse Click “Follow”

What drives a Twitter user to click "follow"?

50 News Accounts to Follow on Twitter

We have here a list of 50 most followed news accounts on Twitter as of October 20, 2012.

50 World Leaders to Follow on Twitter

Here's a list of 50 of the world's most powerful people on Twitter.

7 Golden Rules On Live Tweeting

Live tweeting is not all about churning out posts blow-by-blow. It's about rich content, user engagement and timeliness. Here are the seven golden rules.

7 Habits of Successful #Executives on #Twitter

Executives on Twitter abide by these 7 basic tenets for a successful micro-blogging presence.

7 Steps to Stress-Free, Hassle-Free Tweeting

Tweeting should be an enjoyable experience. Here's how to make sure it does not stress you out.

7 Things You Should Stop Doing on Twitter NOW

Stop these 7 social media blunders and never do them again.

7 Twitter and Hashtag Myths You Should Know

The benefits (and joy) Twitter brings can be maximized by getting rid of these common misconceptions on its use.

8 Ways To Tie Your Twitter Campaign To The 2014 New Year

Because it's the new year, it's time to hit that refresh button. Here's how to tie your campaign with the hype coming with the turn of the year.

9 Third-Party Firms Pass Twitter’s Stress Test

Nine third-party applications seeking to link with the largest micro-blogging community can now breathe easy after receiving the green light to continue.

ABC’s Premiere Week Goes On Tweetapalooza

ABC Television creates a huge Twitter buzz for Premiere Week with Tweetapalooza.

Activity And Interactions Tabs Explained

Twitter has made it convenient for users to see who has interacted them with nifty tabs that let you see activity in one page.

All About Twitter Age Screening

Twitter has partnered with Buddy Media to create age screening solutions for brand markets to connect with the right age groups online.

Americans For Prosperity Launch Hashtag To Bash Obama Campaign

US advocate group purchases #failingagenda hashtag to increase awareness on the incumbent president's "failing agenda."

AmEx Partners With Twitter For Hashtag Shopping

AmEx partners with Twitter to make hashtag shopping possible.

Annyeonghaseyo! Says Twitter

The social media giant is upping its presence in South Korea with more local partnerships, endorsements.

Are You A Twitter Beginner? Start Here

If you're unsure why you need Twitter and what to do with it, this is a great place to begin.

Are You Ready For #BlackFriday?

<a href="/analytics/blackfriday/">#BlackFriday</a> jolts US consumers' buying power post-Thanksgiving. Where will YOU be?

Are You Tweeting Too Much?

Twitter is a free world where you can post anything you want at any time, but how much is too much?

As It Turns Out, Twitter Directors Aren’t Really Big On Actual Tweeting

They may be Twitter's biggest names and most important executives, but when it comes to actual tweeting -- they fall short. Does it matter?

Attention, Parents! How To Protect Your Kids On Twitter

Twitter is a fun way for your child to explore and learn new things, but it can also threaten his or her security and privacy. Here's how you can help make micro-blogging a safe and pleasant experience for your child.

Avoiding #BlackFriday Crowds? #CyberMonday It Is!

<a href="/analytics/CyberMonday">#CyberMonday</a> may just be the Monday that comes after <a href="/analytics/BlackFriday">#BlackFriday</a> but it is also one of the most celebrated shopping events in the US and some parts of the world.

Biden’s Acceptance Speech #Literally Trends On Twitter

US vice president Joe Biden shows how to <a href="/analytics/literally/">#literally</a> mix politics and micro-blogging trends.

Bieber “Retires”; See Twitter Go Nuts

The Canadian pop superstar announces his "retirement" -- and then takes it back.

Boston Cardinal Tackles Death, Faith (And Elections) On Twitter

Cardinal Sean O'Malley of Boston has announced that he will be tweeting about "Death With Dignity" each day until the November 6, 2012 US national election.

Brace Yourself For Laughs: #ComedyFest is Coming!

Twitter teams with up with ComedyCentral for online laugh fest.

Bruce Willis Will Not Sue Apple Over iTunes, Says His Wife Via Twitter

Bruce Willis' wife disputes controversy over his iTunes library via Twitter.

Building Credibility and a Good Reputation on Twitter

For your business to have a successful online presence, you need to invest in building a good reputation and establishing credibility.

Buying Twitter Followers Can Destroy Your Business

Buying followers will increase your stats, but it will certainly not boost your reputation.

Celeb Tweet Blunders: How Personal Is Personal?

Sharing personal details is acceptable but only to a certain degree. Some of these can lead to permanent damage.

Celebrity and Social Media Use

How do celebrities deal with their social media accounts?

CEOs Unsure About Getting Direct and Personal on Twitter

More CEOs are realizing the value of a direct social media presence to establish credibility and reach out to more clients.

Changed Your Mind? Reactivate Your Twitter Account

Changed your mind? You can revive your deactivated Twitter account. Here's how.

Chicago Study Shows How Irresistible Social Media Is

A study by the University of Chicago found that social media use has leveled with (and sometimes surpassed) vices and sex when it comes to getting your attention.

Choosing a Hashtag That Will Attract Followers

An effective #hashtag is one that engages the most people and gets the most attention online. Here are tips to choosing the right hashtag that will help boost your online presence.

Choosing Who To Follow On Twitter

Identifying with the right users to follow on Twitter will help improve your status online.

Christmas Shopping? You Need Twitter [Infographic]

A recent infographic shows that Christmas shoppers in the US consult <a href="/analytics/twitter">#Twitter</a> before they buy anything. Read on to find out how to maximize your online presence this season.

Clint Eastwood’s Empty Chair Causes A Stir On Twitter

The first day of the Democratic National Convention on September 4, 2012 faced a huge stir on the Twitterverse as thousands of pro-Republican microbloggers joined in on the viral campaign featuring Hollywood icon Clint Eastwood talking to an <a href="/analytics/emptychair">#emptychair</a>.

Control Who Sees You On Twitter

Twitter is such a vast, public space and anyone can know what you're doing. Here's how to shield yourself and protect your privacy.

Convert A Hacking Nightmare Into A Productive Online Solution

When the Burger King Twitter account was hacked, its team was quick to turn the situation around.

Convert Social Media Contacts Into Business Relationships

Even casual Twitter conversations can turn into viable business relationships.

Create A Professional Twitter Account For Job Hunting

Finding the right job on Twitter starts with a professional account, among others. Here are the basic elements of a job-hunt ready profile.

Cricket Bets Big On #wt20 With Special Page, Exclusive Access

<a href="/analytics/wt20">#WT20</a> marks a milestone as the first worldwide cricket event with a massive social media campaign.

Curiosity Rover’s Twitter Feed Gets Busy

The famous rover has a feed @MarsCuriosityTwitter which aims to have a tone that will best suit the most excellent rover produced for Mars.

DNC Speeches Outpace Republicans On Twitter

Speeches by Democrats appear to have more activity on Twitter than the Republicans in the 2012 conventions.

Do Follower Numbers Really Matter?

You have thousands of followers -- but are they really interested in what you're posting?

Do More Political Tweets Mean Bigger Donations?

Study finds that the more you tweet about politics, the more likely people will notice and donate money.

Do Schools Need Hashtags? What Educators Should Know

As the Internet becomes an indispensable part of learning, social media has turned into a vital tool to enhance education.

Do You Want To Create A Promoted Trend? Read These Rules First

There are rules that will help you make a proper Promoted Trend for maximum exposure and generate new loyal customers.

Does Your Business Need A Social Media Strategy?

At a time technology is king, a social media strategy is a must for any business.

Enhanced Twitter Profile Pages

An enhanced profile page boosts your brand's appeal -- and will get you more followers.

Essential Twitter Hashtags For Authors And Writers

Authors and writers on Twitterverse are using hashtags to easily connect with each other online.

Facebook Encourages Stronger Bonds Over Twitter: Study

According to a recently conducted study, ties created on social networking site Facebook are stronger compared to those built on Twitter.

False Twitter Accusations Should Face Legal Backlash

Twitter users must understand the potential damage and legal implications a single tweet with unfounded information can cause.

Festival Invites Creative Storytellers With #TwitterFiction

The hashtag #twitterfiction has been recently created to provide a venue where online users can share fictional stories and entice others to become interested on writing and literature.

Find Out Who Unfollowed You On Twitter

There are several applications that can help you find out who <a href="http://www.hashtags.org/analytics/unfollow/">unfollowed</a> you on Twitter. Here are the top three.

Finding Your Company’s Top Evangelists on Twitter

With millions of users posting on Twitter every day, it can be helpful to know the most prolific ones that will help establish your company for the long term.

First Twitter-Themed Hotel Opens in Spain

Hashtags are redefining how we travel.

Florida Mayor Uses Social Media For Town Hall

Mayor Jeri Muoio of West Palm Beach, Florida holds a 'town hall' meeting on Twitter with #askmuoio.

Follower Engagement: Why Do You Need It?

To succeed in social media marketing, you have to reach out to your market.

Following #Sandy On Twitter Could Save Your Life

Following updates on Hurricane Sandy using the #sandy hashtag could very well be the key to better disaster preparedness.

Following and Followers: 10 Questions Answered

One of your primary objectives on Twitter is to gain as many followers as possible to boost your reputation and keep you visible to your target audience. Here are 10 important questions answered.

Gender Gap in the Gaming Industry Spawns #1ReasonWhy

Despite the narrowing gender divide, females still find the games industry leaning favorably towards males which is why the hashtag #1reasonwhy was created.

Governments Use Twitter To Track The Unscrupulous

National governments see potential in Twitter to help stop shady cross-border financial deals.

Guide To Customizing Your Twitter Background

Create custom looks for your Twitter page and establish a more solid online brand.

Guide To Selling On Twitter (Without Being A Hard Sell)

With just 140 characters to a tweet, selling without being a hard sell can be quite a challenge. Here's how to creatively display your offerings online.

Guide To Tweeting With Your Location

You can let your followers know where you are by tweeting with your location. Here's how.

Hacker Claims To Be Responsible For Facebook Outage In Europe

Facebook's European sites experienced down times recently, with an anonymous hacker claiming it was his handiwork.

Hackers Attack The Financial Times In String Of Incidents

Hackers claiming to be the Syrian Electronic Army are on a roll -- and are targeting major news agencies.

Haida Gwaii Earthquake Launches #PrayForVancouver

#PrayForVancouver trends after an earthquake hits Haida Gwaii, an archipelago on the North Coast of British Columbia in Canada.

Halloween Chuckles Ensue With #MormonHalloweenMovies

Halloween is usually celebrated with scares -- but Twitter users this year took a turn toward humor.

Hashtag Targeting Helps Locate Relevant Consumers

Online users can be located and reached by specific companies depending on the hashtags that they’re using. Here's how hashtag targeting works.

Hashtagging A Disaster – The Pros And Cons

When talking about a natural disaster or tumultuous event on social media, how should you treat it?

Hashtags For The Financial Industry

Here are the most widely used Twitter hashtags for the financial professionals and for students of finance.

Have An Event? Use Social Media To Get Attention

Nowadays, social media is the go-to channel if you want your event to reach the most people in the fastest time.

Homeless, But Not Twitter-less

Today's homeless youth may not be too far from the regular sheltered teens when it comes to a social media presence.

HootSuite Expands With Seesmic Buy

Seesmic, the medium popularly used for various social media desktop, mobile and Internet applications, has been acquired by HootSuite

How Are TV Viewers Using Social Media?

According to expert marketers, individuals who watch TV turn to social media to acquire as well as share more information about related shows in real time. And this "second screen" interaction is growing.

How Do I Get Followers On Twitter?

A large Twitter following completes the micro-blogging experience. For your posts to make a difference, they need to reach a lot of people.

How Do I Get Retweeted?

The rate of somebody retweeting your tweet will depend on how you project yourself to your followers and the kind of content you share.

How Do I Share Links On My Tweets?

You can maximize your information sharing capabilities on Twitter by posting links with your tweets. Each post can only accommodate up to 140 characters, so it’s important that you know how to use URL shorteners and make more space for your…

How Do You Benefit From Twitter Lists?

What are Twitter lists and what do you get out of them?

How Does “Discover” Enhance Your Social Media Experience?

If you're unsure what to do next on your Twitter account, browsing through "Discover" could be an eye-opener.

How Often Should You Tweet A Day and Why?

Too many or too few tweets?

How the Church Spreads Its Message Via Social Media

Faith is such a strong force to bring people together -- and for the church, one surefire way to get people involved in a cause is to reach out through social media.

How The Rich Use Social Media For Financial Decisions

Social media channels are getting more attention from the wealthy as a tool to make investment decisions.

How The World’s Most Powerful Are Using Twitter

Who among the world's most powerful leaders are active on Twitter?

How To Add A Tweet Button To Your Website

Having a tweet button on your website will help maximize your online presence and boost your audience significantly.

How To Boost Your Twitter Chat Experience

There are certain rules to abide by in order to get the most out of joining a tweet chat.

How to Build a Trending Hashtag: 3 Questions To Ask Before Starting

Here are three important questions to ask before you go on your way to crafting that perfect trending hashtag.

How To Create a Crafty, Catchy Twitter Profile

In majority of instances, we create Twitter profiles to be able to follow and attract followers. Here's how to make your profile inviting enough for the right people.

How To Create Twitter Lists

Twitter Lists are a convenient way for users to group interests or other users in one thread for better continuity of posts and updates.

How To Get Away With Social Media At Work

There are ways to justify accessing social media at work should you get caught. Of course, these tactics are not boss-proof, so use them moderately -- or only in dire situations.

How To Get Your Hashtag Trending On Twitter

It's easy to make a <a href="/analytics">#hashtag</a> on Twitter, but it takes extra analysis to create a hashtag that will become a trending topic. Here are some tips to help get yours on the front page.

How to Include Pictures In Your Tweets

You can make your tweeting experience richer by posting photos with your tweets. Here's how.

How to Live Tweet an Event

You can initiate a live tweet of any event and become the go-to source for anything about a specific occasion. Here's how to start one and stay relevant.

How To Make A Twitter Bio That Rocks

How your Twitter bio looks is just as important as your posts and update schedules. Here's how to make a very good first impression.

How To Make New Friends on Twitter

Twitter is a social media site above all. Thus, it is a great way to find like-minded people from all parts of the world and make new friends.

How to Make Yourself More Relevant on Twitter

You may have a great-looking Twitter account, but are you attracting the right people?

How To Never Run Out of Tweet Ideas

You can set yourself up to never run out of tweeting ideas by following these 5 critical steps.

How To NOT Creep People Out On Twitter

On Twitter, you can get in touch with even the most famous celebrities -- but it's a different story if you get too close.

How To Organize A Local Twitter Party

Hosting a Twitter party or a tweet chat is relatively easy and can significantly give your online reputation a boost if you do it right.

How To Prevent Disasters On Your Hashtags

Hashtag campaigns are effective in boosting business volume -- if done right. Here's how to make sure nothing goes wrong.

How To Protect Your Photos On Twitter

Twitter users need to be extra vigilant when it comes to protecting their private information and photos online. Here's how to make sure your photos don't get to the wrong eyes.

How To Protect Your Twitter Reputation

On a free world like Twitter, it's very easy to be succeed and be the laughingstock on the same day. Here are tips on building and keeping a positive reputation.

How To Screen Follower Requests On Twitter

You can choose who follows you and who you'd rather not read your tweets. Here's how to screen requests.

How To Start A Twitter Hashtag

You can set a worldwide trend by starting your own hashtag.

How To Track Hashtag Performance

To determine which hashtags are trending well, you can try some online tools and sites that provide analytics and data.

How To Turn Your Twitter Followers Into Loyal Clients

Your most active followers can become your staunchest advocates. Here's how to do it.

How To Use TweetDeck by Twitter

If you have multiple social media accounts, TweetDeck is a great way to manage them all under one roof. Here's the application's best features.

How to Use Twitter and Hashtags for Video Marketing

How to maximize your video's impact through Twitter and hashtag tools.

How To Weed Out Twitter Noise

Twitter noise is the presence of unnecessary posts and unrelated content. Get them out of your feed now.

How to Write a Great Twitter Bio That Gets Followers

How you write your bio can help boost your follower count from 0 to 100.

How To “Spam” Your Twitter Feed Without Being Annoying

Spam isn't all bad. Here's how to be visible on Twitter without inviting suspicion.

How Twitter Chats Can Help Boost Business

Twitter chats are some of the most casual platforms where real business can arise. Here's how to maximize your involvement.

How Twitter Contests Help Maximize Business Growth

Conducting contests on Twitter is a great way to get your target market engaged and your product exposed to a wider audience. Here's how to maximize its business growing potential.

How Twitter Is Keeping Up With iOS7

Change is inevitable, especially with software. Here's how Twitter is coping with Apple's upgrades.

How Well Are Sponsored Trends Doing? How To Track Them

How is your sponsored trend doing and what are people saying about it?

How Well Was Your Hashtag Contest Received?

You can have hashtag contests all you want. But without the right analytics tools, you'll never know how they fared. Here are tips.

Hungry For Twitter Tunes? There’s An App For It!

The micro-blogging giant will soon unveil Twitter Music. Be one of the first to get it.

If #Music Goes Away, Will You Miss It? What Is It Anyway?

After receiving lackluster engagement, Twitter decides to let go of #music.

Infographic Shows How Much Time You Spend On Social Media

Are you spending too much of your hours browsing social network sites? This infographic shows us the numbers.

Instagram Battles Twitter Head-on; Axes Feature

By scrapping its photo sharing feature on Twitter, does this mean that Instagram is finally ready to battle the largest micro-blogging network head on?

Instagram Trumps Twitter On Usage

Instagram now has Twitter trailing behind when it comes user engagement.

Introducing, Embedded Twitter Timelines

With the embedded Twitter timeline, users will also easily use the tool in the same manner regardless of the website they’re currently on.

Is It Time to Rebrand Yourself On Twitter?

Your follower numbers and sales are declining -- Is it time to remake your image online?

Is Micro Video-Sharing Next For Twitter?

Twitter is set to enter the micro video-sharing sphere with the acquisition of Vine, the video-sharing start-up that's just about to launch.

Is Twitter A True Measure Of Public Sentiment?

A recent study shows that while Twitter may reflect what people are thinking -- it's only that of individuals with social media accounts.

It’s Not Always The Numbers: Guide To Tweeting Smart

The content and timing of tweets are more important than frequency.

Japan Tests Twitter As An Emergency Notification Service

Japan is utilizing social media tools like Twitter to disseminate timely information during catastrophies and natural disasters.

Jews Confess Their Sins on #Twitter For #YomKippur

For 2012, Harvard University encouraged Jews to post their confessions on Twitter for Yom Kippur.

Kid Actors Face Network Ire Over Social Media Comments

Networks are cracking down on child actors who post too much information on their social media accounts.

Leaked Video Starts #RomneyEncore Trend By Angry Netizens

<a href="/analytics/romneyencore">#RomneyEncore</a> trends as 47% (or more) of Americans expressed disdain over Mitt Romney's statements in a leaked video.

Less is More: Why Wordiness is an Enemy of Social Media

When it comes to hashtags, keep it short, simple and direct.

Lindsay Lohan Slams Dr Phil On Twitter

Lindsay Lohan calls Dr Phil a 'fraud' for taking advantage of mom Dina Lohan at a recent interview on the psychiatrist's show.

Lissted Classifies Tweeting Journalists According To Topic

Lissted allows users to create lists of journalists tweeting on specific topics.

Maintain Solid Customer Relationships On Twitter

How you respond to clients on Twitter matters.

Marketing Online? Study Says Target “Mobile-First” Users

New Twitter study reveals "mobile-first" users are best targets for social media marketing.

Michelle Obama Opens Second and Official Account

US First Lady Michelle Obama creates a second Twitter account.

Microsoft Boots Out Twitter, Facebook For Xbox 360

Microsoft retires the Facebook and Twitter from Xbox 360, brings in Internet Explorer

Nation of Islam Leader Leads #AskFarrakhan Town Hall On #Twitter

Nation of Islam head Louis Farrakhan headed the group's first ever town hall meeting on Twitter.

Netizens Reminisce As #IllNeverForget Trends

Twitter turns into memory lane as users backtrack with <a href="/analytics/IllNeverForget">#IllNeverForget</a>.

New App Lets You Hear Twitter Activity

On September 6, 2012, The Social Radio introduced its new web application that allows users to listen to their preferred music via their Twitter timelines.

New Service Offers Video Calls Via Twitter, Chrome

Now you can make video calls through your Twitter or Chrome account.

New Twitter Analytics Feature Impresses Only A Few

Twitter unveils new analytics feature; but netizens say 'Why only now?'

New Twitter For iPad Goes For Images, Personality

Twitter has unveiled a redesigned app for iPad -- now with more images on profile.

Newsweek Ends 80 Years And Goes Digital With #LASTPRINTISSUE

The last Newsweek magazine will be printed one final time on December 31, 2012. The hashtag <a href="/analytics/lastprintissue">#LASTPRINTISSUE</a> will be leading its farewell online.

Nielsen Brand Effect Aims For Better Twitter Campaign Measurement

Twitter, Nielsen partnership sets goal to better measure social media effectiveness.

No #IPO for #Twitter, Says Costolo

<a href="/analytics/twitter">#Twitter</a> CEO Dick Costolo (<a href="http://twitter.com/dickc">@dickc</a>) is firm: An IPO will never happen.

Notorious iOS Hacker Joins Twitter

Famous iOS hacker Charlie Miller joins Twitter's security team.

Now, You Can Download Your Tweets! Here’s How

A new feature that will allow online users to download the full history of their tweets is now available.

NY Fashion Week’s Most Social Designers

The infographic by Burson-Marsteller shows which elite designers got the most buzz during the New York Spring 2013 Fashion Week.

NY Journalist Mistakenly Linked to Houston Rapist On Twitter

An attempt by Houston's KHOU TV to embed a Twitter feed beside a report on a rapist leads to a mistaken identity issue for a NY journalist.

NYPD Looks For Young Potential Criminals on the Internet

New York police try to get ahead of local young criminals by tracking their social media activities.

Obama Urges Fiscal Involvement With #My2K

US President Obama urges Twitter users to take part in the Congress' deliberation on the fiscal cliff through <a href="/analytics/my2k">#My2K</a>.

Official Twitter Accounts of Top Universities in the US

Stay updated with the latest on the country's top universities by following their respective Twitter accounts.

Olympics Dilemma: To Tweet Or Not To Tweet?

Olympics officials tell Twitter users to control activity, or face coverage delays.

Oscar Selfies And The Twitter Amplify Program

Smart move, Samsung. Smart move.

Outage Brings iMessage Users To Twitter To Send Info

Hordes of Apple's iMessage users turned to Twitter to chat and spread info when the service conked out momentarily.

Overzealous? Use Hashtags Without Being Annoying

Hashtags are very valuable in encouraging more people to support your brand, but it also becomes too easy to be excited and, eventually, annoying.

Photo War Between Twitter, Instagram Begins

As Facebook-owned Instagram gains momentum, Twitter aims to introduce a new photo-filtering service which will hopefully put an end to the popularity of the photo-sharing platform.

Pinterest Teams Up With Twitter Amidst Instagram Controversy

Amid all the brouhaha on Instagram's departure, Twitter forges a deal with Pinterest for added photo-sharing features.

Populate Your Twitter ‘Following’ List With Relevant Users

How do you make sure that the people you're 'Following' are the ones you really want to hear from?

Posterous Moves Into Twitter On April 30

Posterous officially migrates into Twitter on April 30, 2013.

Promoted Tweets Help Businesses Sell More, Says Study

A Twitter-commissioned study shows that promoted tweets are, indeed, effective in boosting sales.

Protect Your Privacy: What To Never Share On Twitter

It's easy to aimlessly post details of your life on Twitter, but there are some things that should be for your eyes only.

Protect Yourself from Hackers and Spammers!

Spammers and hackers will not only ruin your Twitter experience but also possibly destroy your computer. Here's how to avoid them online.

Regular Twitter Use May Help You Lose Excess Pounds

A recent study on Twitter behavior shows that constant micro-blogging activity may actually help you succeed in your weight loss goals.

Reporting Impersonation Accounts and Media Violations

What may seem like a publicity boost for celebrities can also affect regular folk if the account is managed by the wrong hands.

Reporting Spam and Privacy Breaches On Twitter

Unauthorized sharing of your personal information is something reportable on Twitter. Here's how to lock down on unscrupulous individuals and spammers on the micro-blogging community.

Ronald McDonald Gets a New Wardrobe — and Hashtag [VIDEO]

McDonald's moves to boost its sales by introducing a "new" Ronald McDonald and a dedicated hashtag.

Rules, Practices and Behaviors When Promoting on Twitter

Promoting on Twitter is not just about creating a catchy hashtag and tweeting incessantly. There are rules to follow.

Saving A Hashtag Search On Twitter

Hashtags are a great way to gather information on a specific subject as it allows you to view all conversations made about it under one thread. It is different from Lists in a way that it classifies discussions according to the topic…

Say Goodbye To GIFs On Your Twitter Profiles

Twitter has removed the capability to upload animated GIF avatars as users' profile photos.

Share Tweets to Non-Twitter Users via Email

Twitter has introduced a new feature that will allow users to share posts via email.

Simple Human Error in Australia Causes Twitter Link Problems Worldwide

Twitter link shortening service shuts down for 40 minutes worldwide due to a "simple human error" in Melbourne.

Smart Twitter Use: Don’t Let It Run Your Life!

Twitter is an effective way to connect with other people from other parts of the world -- but don't let it make up your entire waking life. Here are tips to smarter Twitter use.

SMS Glitch Exposes Twitter User Accounts To Potential Attacks

There is an existing flaw in the manner that the social micro-blogging site manages SMS manages which poses the risk of hackers getting their hands on your personal information.

So You’ve Created A Hashtag: Now What?

Now that you've created a hashtag for your business, how do you maximize its use? Here are valuable tips.

Social Media A Must For Emergencies, Says Canadian Survey

A survey of 1,000 Canadians reveals the social media may be a huge help in emergency situations.

Social Media Battle Between #DNC2012 and #GOP2012 Heats Up

With millions of eyes scanning social media platforms every minute, it is no wonder that politics, for all its seriousness and rhetoric, has agreed to cut messages to under 140 characters just to tap this vast mobile market.

Social Media Boosts Customer Service Offerings For Firms

With companies and brands trying to expand their client networks via social media, the methods of responding to customer queries and complaints have also gone beyond pen and paper.

Social Media Branding, According To Hilton

Hilton Hotels understands how to maximize social media. Learn how the company does it.

Social Media for Business: Where Should You Sign Up?

Businesses now need a social media account if they want to expand; but where to start?

Social Media Sites Compare Grammy Favorites

If social media support were to be any indication of an artist's win in the Grammy's, here's the "supposed" roster of awardees.

Social Media Survey Highlights Facebook’s Shortcomings

The 2012 social media survey by ACSI reveals that Facebook may not be so 'liked' after all.

Social Purchasing Via Hashtag: Why It Can Work

What is social purchasing and why do Twitter and AmEx believe it will work?

Song Leaks On Twitter Delay Will.i.am’s Album Launch

Will.i.am announces delay in the launch of his willpower album due to song leaks on Twitter.

Soundtracking App Creates A New Musical Experience For Twitter Fans

The micro-blogging giant is set to launch a new app that allows Twitter users to expand tweets by attaching Soundtracking media.

Space Needle Uses #TopThis Design Contest To Celebrate Golden Year

The 'Top Off Our 50th' campaign, which uses the #topthis hashtag, is in celebration of the Needle's 50th year since the World's Fair closed down in 1962.

Study: Recruiters Aren’t Really Into Social Media

A recent study shows that while social media sites like Twitter are a great way to feature your professional profile, recruiters aren't really looking this way as often as we might think.

Tailored Suggestions: Taking Social Media Management To The Next Level

Tailored Suggestions places everything that matters to you on your timeline, thereby enhancing your Twitter experience.

Teach Your Mom (And Any Novice) How to Use Twitter

How do you teach ground-zero beginners how to use Twitter?

Teen’s Imbecilic Tweet To Airline Gains Her 30K Followers

Terrorist jokes are NEVER funny.

Teenager Develops App That Screens TV, Movie Spoilers From Twitter

Twivo allows you to screen Twitter posts that may contain spoilers.

The 12-Month Path to Social Media Success

This 12-month plan serves as your guide to creating a sound and solid social media plan for your self or your business.

The App That’s Like Twitter, But It’s Not

A new app inspired by Twitter's features promises zero ads during your social media experience.

The Benefits Of Social Media Beyond Marketing

Beyond marketing, social media can do more to improve the way we connect with others online.

The Great #susanalbumparty Hashtag Blunder

Singer Susan Boyle recently launched her new album, "Standing Ovation," alongside a Twitter hashtag campaign <a href="/analytics/susanalbumparty">#susanalbumparty</a> -- which was grossly misinterpreted by netizens.

The History of Hashtags

When Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey sent the first Tweet on March 21, 2006 by posting 'just setting up my twttr' Dorsey and his colleagues were simply looking for a way to send text messages on their cell phones.

The List Grows: Twitter APIs Kill Another App

Twitter's new API guidelines claims another life. News.me shuts down.

The Retweet Simplified

Want to know all about retweets (RTs)? Here's a no-nonsense guide.

Tight Marketing Budget? Promote Your Business For Free On Twitter

You don't need a marketing budget to promote your business on Twitter. You can add dozens of new customers in just a matter of days without having to spend so much on advertising, of course, through the right approaches.

Tired Of Electioneering Tweets? This New Extension Will Scrap Them

Making your Twitter feed politics-free is now possible with Chrome's newest extension.

Tools To Create A Successful Tweet Chat

There are different chat tools for the website that will keep you updated with the latest tweets that actually interest you.

Top 12 Twitter Tips for Career Growth

We give you the 12 must-do's when it comes to making a solid professional impression on Twitter.

Top Bankers Say YES To Twitter

Financial services industry opens up to social media posting to disseminate information faster

Top Green Twitter Hashtags Every Environmentalist Should Know

Green Twitter hashtags spark conversations on some of the most pressing environmental issues around the world today.

Top TV Hashtags For February 2013

There are several TV shows to watch out for in February, with some of them having really high social media engagement.

Top Twitter Hashtags For The Educational Sector

Twitter has served as a primary source of immediate news for many industries and has certainly served as a viable information disseminator for the field of education. Here are the top education-related hashtags.

Top Twitter Hashtags For The Jobseeker

Twitter has become a valid venue to look for a job and make important hires. Here are the most popular job-related hashtags.

Tracking Disease Trends By Location Now Possible

The new MappyHealth website enables users to see what diseases are likely high in their area through the analysis of Twitter trends and activity.

Trending For Fame’s Sake?

Why do some think trending is the be-all, end-all in social media?

Turkey Advice? Consult #Turkey911!

Families with Thanksgiving Day dinner dilemmas can look to Wegmans on Twitter via #Turkey911 for advice on all things turkey for the holiday.

Turkey PM Calls Twitter The Worst Menace In Social Media

"I don’t care what the international community says. Everyone will witness the power of the Turkish Republic," said Turkey's Prime Minister on the Twitter ban.

Turkish Couple Goes For Twitter Nuptials

Turkish couple breaks marriage ceremony rules by tweeting their "I do's".

TweetDeck UK Faces Closure Threat For Late Reports

UK business watchdog Companies House has threatened to shut down TweetDeck UK for failing to comply with filing requirements.

TweetDeck Unveils New And Improved Features

Social media users now have greater flexibility in terms of navigation and design with the new TweetDeck.

Tweeter’s Block: Plan Your Tweets So Everyone Still Reads

Maintaining an active and interesting Twitter account can be tedious and daunting. Here's how to lighten the load while staying on top.

Twitter 101: Finding And Following People

Building your first 'following' list on Twitter usually starts with people you actually know. Here's how to find friends, family and specific people in the micro-blogging community.

Twitter 101: How To Handle Customer Complaints

As more customers turn to Twitter to engage with brands, having a solid client service strategy online becomes necessary. Here's how to maximize your business' micro-blogging presence to make sure customers stay happy.

Twitter 101: Keeping Your Account Secure With HTTPS

HTTPS increases your browsing security while on Twitter. Here's how to apply it to your account.

Twitter 101: Reel Your Target Audience In

Here are some tips to make sure you're attracting the right audience.

Twitter 101: Tweeting With Your Location

You can let your followers know where you are as you tweet. Here's how.

Twitter 101: Understanding Trends and Promoted Tweets

Promoted Trends and Promoted Tweets allow marketers to build a more solid brand strategy that reaches the most number of target audiences.

Twitter 101: What Is a ‘Favorite’?

Clicking the 'favorite' icon on Twitter means you're not just agreeing with a tweet, but also archiving it for future reference.

Twitter 101: What Makes Tailored Suggestions Interesting?

Tailored suggestions will come in very useful since these grow your network quickly.

Twitter 101: Why You’re Not Getting Follow-Backs

So you're not getting enough followers on your Twitter account? There may be some things you're doing wrong.

Twitter Abuzz With #FailedObamacareSlogans

Social media take their Obamacare opinions to Twitter.

Twitter Acquires Crash Reporting Tool For Mobile Apps

Twitter bulks up its stable with the acquisition of crash reporting tool Crashlytics.

Twitter Acquires TV Analytics Firm

Twitter increases its focus on social TV strategies with its latest acquisition.

Twitter Acquires Ubalo In Latest String Of Buyouts

The micro-blogging giant acquires back-office processing firm.

Twitter Adds Photo Tagging and Collage Features

New Twitter feature allows you to tag up to 10 people and make a collage for up to four photos.

Twitter Ads 101: How To Get Started

There are available and free tools on Twitter to help you boost your marketing campaign.

Twitter Alert: Be Careful With Links From Friends

Twitter users are asked to be wary of messages (even those from friends) that may contain links leading to viruses.

Twitter Alters Profile Experience In 12-12-12

Twitter improves visual interface by updating the profile pages of all its users on December 12, 2012.

Twitter Amplify: Boon or a Bane?

And now, Twitter introduces a way for advertisers to find out how people are reacting to TV shows.

Twitter and Your Holiday Shopping Habits: Study

Beyond 140 character tweets, the micro-blogging platform is also a choice shopping destination, says study.

Twitter And Your Social CRM Strategy

Social media networks are full of potential and current customers that businesses need to target better. Here's how you can apply strategies on Twitter.

Twitter Announces Ad Retargeting Product: What Does It Do?

As Twitter evolves, so does the way it connects with the community.

Twitter Announces Change Of Guards

Twitter has a new COO and CFO.

Twitter Apologizes For False Hacking Scare

A glitch in the Twitter tech room prompts panic during a major political event in China -- but the firm was quick to douse rumors of a hacking attempt.

Twitter Axes @Anywhere and Hovercard

Twitter is sunsetting @Anywhere and Hovercard as it makes way for new and improved features.

Twitter Begins Country-Specific Blocking

Twitter has begun testing its country-specific blocking ability with a supposed illegal entity in Germany.

Twitter Breaks 500 Million User Mark

Twitter has surpassed the 500 million mark for registered users in June 2012.

Twitter Brings Back The Fresh Prince

90s hit TV show "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" resurfaces as a Twitter account that discusses events that would have been in the year 2012.

Twitter Brings First Female To Board

Twitter finally douses gender sensitivity issue by adding a very qualified female to its board.

Twitter Celebrates Festival Of Lights With #Diwali

Indians all over the world come together on Twitter to celebrate Diwali.

Twitter Co-founder Gets Demoted Again

Jack Dorsey gets a lighter role as colleagues call him "difficult to work with."

Twitter Contest Guidelines 101

You can hold a <a href="/analytics/contest">#contest</a> on Twitter, but there are rules you need to follow.

Twitter Etiquette: Retweeting The Right Way

Being retweeted by another social media user can increase your visibility and increase the likelihood of getting more followers on Twitter. Here's how to do it right.

Twitter Evolves Into A Content Platform With ‘Discover’

Twitter has upgraded its content sharing capability with the 'Discover' feature.

Twitter Expands to Brazil to Cater to 40 Million Users

Twitter finally opens a representative office in one of the world's largest economies.

Twitter Expands Trends With 100 New Cities

Twitter has widened its localized trends feature with new cities and more to come.

Twitter Faces $50M Lawsuit Over Controversial Hashtag

Twitter is facing a $50M lawsuit after refusing to reveal the identities of the users who used an anti-semitic hashtag on its platform.

Twitter Finds Humor In Congressional Gridlock With #StarWarsFiscalCliff

Twitter users find a better way to help other understand the US fiscal cliff by using #StarWarsFiscalCliff.

Twitter For Beginners: Basic Guidelines Before You Start

Twitter is a seamless experience once you master the basics. Here are the top 10 must-know Twitter tips.

Twitter for Employers and Job Seekers

If you play your tweets right, you can get the best people through Twitter.

Twitter For Mac Not Happening

Twitter for Mac is not happening -- at least not soon.

Twitter Gears Up To Earn $1 Billion From Planned IPO

The world's largest microblogging platform is going public -- are you buying?

Twitter Gets Behind The Scenes At New York Fashion Week

Twitter users can stay updated with the recent news and updates on New York Fashion Week (<a href="/analytics/nyfw">#NYFW</a>) and Fashion's Night Out (<a href="/analytics/fno">#FNO</a>).

Twitter Gets Set to Leave its Classic Vertical Look for a More Facebook-ey Front Page

Should Twitter go for this planned redesign?

Twitter Gives Developers 6 Months To Comply With New Rules

Twitter has given third-party app developers 6 months to comply with its new guidelines or face total disability to ride on the platform's growth.

Twitter Gives Small Businesses $1M In Ads For FREE

Twitter is giving away $1 million worth of free ad opportunities to the first 10,000 eligible small business owners.

Twitter Goes Country With #CMAAwards

Twitter goes abuzz as the 46th Annual <a href="/analysis/cmaawards">#CMAAwards</a> showcases the US country music industry's best of the best in one roof.

Twitter Goes One-A-Day With Feature Experiments

Every day, the social media giant introduces some new -- discreetly.

Twitter Gold Star: The Favorite Defined

Learn more about that Gold Star and why it's important.

Twitter Hashtag Auto-complete Leads To Better Engagement

Feeling lost around Twitter? The new autocomplete function will help lead you to the right group.

Twitter Heartbreat Maps Good And Bad Vibes

You can read what netizens are saying on Twitter, but do you know what they're feeling?

Twitter Helps TIME Decide 2013 Person Of The Year

TIME magazine turns to the Twitterverse to generate opinions for 2013 Person of the Year award.

Twitter Hijacks #SignsYoSonIsGay To Trend Positively

Take that, homophobes! Twitter turns <a href="/analytics/SignsYoSonIsGay">#SignsYoSonIsGay</a> into a positive take on the accomplishments of the gay community.

Twitter Holds ‘Secret Meeting’ in Australia

A number of senior executives from Twitter recently flew to Australia to talk to a number of media groups, social media experts and big sporting organizations to discuss its plans of launching an office in the country.

Twitter Introduces Keyword Targeting Feature

Marketers can now access a wider market by targeting specific keywords and phrases.

Twitter Launches the Lead Generation Card

A new Twitter feature helps simplify advertising and branding online.

Twitter Management 101: Blocking And Reporting Users As Spam

Thank goodness Twitter has given us the power to choose who to follow, who to unfollow, and if need be, who to block.

Twitter Marketing 101: How To Get Ahead Of Your Competitors

How to be above the rest on social media.

Twitter Marketing 101: What Does It Take For A Hashtag To Trend?

While some Twitter users are very successful at making well-trending hashtags, this doesn't mean you cannot do the same for your own campaign. Here's how you can make it happen.

Twitter Prepares To Launch French Office

Shortly after announcing that it will be setting up an office in Australia, Twitter shared that it will also be opening new offices in Paris, France.

Twitter Promos That Get Attention and Drive Sales

How do you get people's attention on the world's largest micro-blogging platform?

Twitter Reality TV Set To Go Live Soon

Twitter goes beyond 140 characters and into live reality TV.

Twitter Rumors & Updates: Are We Bidding Goodbye To Hashtags?

Not in the near future, says execs.

Twitter Scores Major Advertising Deal

Just when you thought Twitter couldn't get any bigger, in comes this massive deal with Starcom.

Twitter Seals Komli Deal For Southeast Asia

Twitter has partnered with one of Asia's largest digital agencies to boost advertising in 5 Southeast Asian countries.

Twitter Sets Advertising Sights On Middle East, North Africa

Twitter goes global with new advertising targets.

Twitter Spring Cleaning: Take Out What You Don’t Need

Twitter is a great place to learn a lot of things in real time, but most of these are information you DON'T need. Here's how to clean up.

Twitter Stories Enrich Your Data Consumption Experience

To see all updates on breaking headlines and trends for your location, the Stories tab has made it convenient for you to access them all in one page.

Twitter Strengthens Latin American Reach With Brazil Office

Twitter is gearing up for a strong Latin American presence by setting up a sales office in Brazil.

Twitter Study Shows How Brand Mentions Affect Consumers Offline and Online

With 80% of users mentioning brands in Tweets, how does this affect consumer choices? Study shows us.

Twitter Succumbs to NY Judge’s Demand

Twitter hands over Occupy Wall Street protester Malcolm Harris' information to the feds.

Twitter To Provide Downloadable Archive Before End of 2012

Before 2012 ends, Twitter users will be able to access and download all their personal tweets and archives and keep them offline.

Twitter Town Halls Explained: How To Start One

Twitter town halls are an effective way for policy makers and local leaders to directly engage with concerned citizens and answer queries point-blank. Here's how to start one.

Twitter Trolls Begone! Reporting Violations And Abuse

Twitter may encourage free speech, but it's certainly no place for abusive behavior. Here's how to report violations.

Twitter Trolls Will Get Off Easy — If Drunk

New guidelines by UK authorities show that online trolls may be absolved of wrongdoing if proven to have been drunk at the time of posting.

Twitter Turns 8! Here are Some of Famous People’s #FirstTweets

<a href="http://hashtags.org/analytics/FirstTweet">#FirstTweet</a> shows us what famous people tweeted back when they were still novices.

Twitter Update Places A Value On Your Tweets

New Twitter update classifies and measures tweet value.

Twitter Ups Security After 250K Accounts Reset

A recent attack on 250,000 user accounts has prompted Twitter to finally strengthen its security with a new platform.

Twitter User #JarvisBritton Threatens #Obama, Faces Indictment

Jarvis Britton's Twitter comments against Obama may be "harmless" but they were grave enough to land him audience with a federal grand jury.

Twitter Users Can Now Shop for Amazon Products via #AmazonCart

As if shopping via the Amazon online shopping platform wasn't convenient enough, the company collaborates with Twitter to make #AmazonCart the shopping destination on social media.

Twitter Went For Instagram, But Didn’t Formalize: Reports Say

Reports say Twitter had offered to acquire Instagram, but didn't put it on paper.

Twitter’s 2012 Mobile Ad Revenue Trumps Facebook

Research firm eMarketer says Facebook might be able to outdo Twitter's mobile ad revenue in 2013, but for 2012, it's still Twitter's ballgame.

Twitter’s Guide To The 2014 World Cup

As the 2014 FIFA World Cup commences fans should stay close to the action through Twitter hashtags

Twitter’s Trademark Policy Simplified

Read about Twitter's rules trademarks and how far your accounts can go with borrowing logos, statements and symbols.

Twitter, Instagram Photos Made Easy With New Swirl From Betaworks

Betaworks launches a new App that will make sharing and viewing photos on Twitter and Instagram much easier.

Twitter, Nielsen Team Up To Measure TV Ratings

Twitter and Nielsen recently announced an agreement that will create a new TV ratings measurement based on social media activity.

Twitter, Tech Firms Receive Tax Cuts For Charitable Contributions

Twitter, along with six other tech companies based in San Francisco, will be provided with local tax breaks from the city for providing charitable contributions.

UK Govt’s Proposed Snooper Charter A Minefield For Lawsuits

How would you like it if your government had access to your social media activity?

UK Prime Minister Succumbs To Micro-blogging

British Prime Minister David Cameron finally joins the Twitterverse and gets an 'earful' of comments.

Understanding Twitter Impressions: Why Are They Important?

Why impressions matter in hashtag analysis as much as the number of tweets.

Unemployed? How to Tweet and Land a Job

You are what you tweet. Here's how to make sure your tweets get you into the career you want.

Unofficial Holiday #GivingTuesday Inspires Philanthropy

To usher in the start of the Christmas season, netizens have gone on to boost the spirit of philanthropy with <a href="/analytics/GivingTuesday">#GivingTuesday</a>.

US 2012 Election Conventions And Tweeting: Do They Mesh Well?

The 2012 US national elections is taking its bid to a wider and more passionate audience -- Twitter!

US City Supports Small Businesses With Hashtag Map

Sacramento startups bring online business networks offline.

US Presidential Candidate Buys Twitter Hashtag For Campaign

2012 US presidential candidate Mitt Romney pioneers as the first to buy a Twitter hashtag for a campaign.

US Schools Address International Student Recruitment Through Social Media

International recruitment is a matter seriously considered by US institutions and public agencies.

US Survey Shows People Fear Missing Out On Social Networks

A new kind of fear has risen -- that is, the fear of not being able to log on to one's online social media accounts.

Using Multiple Twitter Accounts

You can keep more than one Twitter account for various purposes and keep them all in one roof.

Using TweetDeck For Twitter? You Can Stop Now

Social media site Twitter will be removing TweetDeck apps for iPhone, Android and Facebook beginning May 2013.

Using Twitter for Local Marketing Strategies

Local marketing efforts are generally similar everywhere, but there will always be something that will set a group of strategies apart because certain groups prefer certain things done a certain way.

Using Twitter Hashtags for Your Small Business

Businesses around the globe are starting to utilize hashtags as a way to increase their marketing efforts and help to get their brand noticed online.

Using Twitter With Facebook

You can cross your posts from Twitter to Facebook in one go.

Venezuelan President Announces Cabinet On Twitter

Hugo Chavez assumes another term as President of Venezuela and announces his cabinet on Twitter.

Vine Experiences Porn Problems Following Twitter Acquisition

Twitter may have lofty expectations for its new acquisition, Vine, but things immediately turned bad when the app featured a short explicit video as one of its “editor’s pick”.

Vine Now Includes Hashtags

Vine enhances 6-second video experience with hashtags.

Vizify Partners With Twitter Again For #FollowMe

Twitter partners with Vizify for the second time around for this new nifty tool.

Was Your Tweet A Success? Here’s How To Find Out

How do you know if your tweet was seen by many? How was it received? Here's how.

Weddings & Social Media: Should Couples Get Into Hashtags?

Social-media driven weddings are now the "in" thing.

What Are Hashtag Pages?

Hashtag pages are made and designed to improve the way trends and brands are promoted on social media networks. Here's why your business/event needs it.

What Are Promoted Tweets?

You can build a stronger online presence for your brand with Promoted Tweets on Twitter.

What Are Protected Tweets?

Protected tweets allow you to control who views your posts.

What Do Twitter Trends Mean?

A trend on Twitter refers to a hashtag-driven topic that is immediately popular at a particular time. Trends are often created to promote a cause, an event or simply to build a massive online discussion about a subject.

What Does Favoriting A Tweet Mean?

Marking favorites allows you to bring all tweets you actually like in one place.

What Happens When George RR Martin Joins Twitter

George RR Martin, creator of the epic TV series Game of Thrones, has gone back on his word not to join the latest thing that comes along by joining social media site Twitter.

What Is A Direct Message?

A direct message, a DM for short, is a post sent privately to another Twitter user while signed on to the platform.

What Is A Retweet?

Retweets are a quick and easy way to forward information to your followers without having to type a message from scratch.

What Is A Tweetup And How Do I Start One?

A tweetup allows you to put a face to the name and expand your network further.

What is a URL Shortener and What Does It Do?

URL shorteners are great tools to make more space for personalization on your tweets.

What is the Difference Between @Replies and @Mentions?

Replies and Mentions are the best and most visible way to reach out to your followers on Twitter. Maximizing their use ensures a large following and a highly-respected Twitter presence.

What It Means When a Hashtag is Trending

So a hashtag is trending worldwide; what does it mean? We discuss why a hashtag trends and what it means for you or your business.

What NEVER to Do with Hashtags

Hashtags are powerful and effective -- if you know how to use them. Here are the top things you should NEVER do if you want to be taken seriously online.

What To Do If Your Twitter Account Has Been Hacked

Has your Twitter account been a victim of hacking? Here's what you can do.

What Will Get You Unfollowed?

While Twitter is a free universe, certain types of posts are sure to get your follower count down.

What’s The Point Of All These Hashtags?

Why are hashtags all over Twitter and why they are so important? Here's the lowdown on the hashed keywords you love and hate at the same time.

What’s The Trend? Hashtags That Trended Today

Here are the top trending hashtags in the last 24 hours.

When Email Fails, #NYSE Leans On @Twitter

The New York Stock Exchange turns to social media for timely trading updates.

Which Celebs Announced Their Engagements On Twitter In 2012?

2012 was a year of love for most celebrities. Here's our compilation of the most talked-about engagement announcements this year.

Who Is Your Twitter Audience? Identifying Who Your Fans Are

Who are your biggest fans on Twitter? Here's how to find out.

Why Analytics Matter To Your Twitter Strategy

Analytics will guide you on how to improve your social media strategies in a way that will ultimately lead to more online followers and income.

Why Are Your Tweets Being Ignored?

You keep tweeting, but nobody's following. Here are the reasons why.

Why Bother With Hashtags? Why And How To Use Them

The simplified guide to why hashtags matter.

Why CEOs Are Also On Twitter

Why are top CEOs on Twitter and what do they do?

Why Do Hashtags Fail?

Not all hashtags make it to the trending list. Here's are the reasons why some hashtags don't make the roster and why some fail entirely.

Why Don’t You Have New Twitter Followers?

If you have very few followers but follow a whole lot of people, then you might want to check the way you handle your Twitter account.

Why Hashtag Piggybacking Is A Big No-No

Piggybacking on a hashtag is a marketing ploy that is looked down upon by many. Here's why.

Why People Buy Followers – And Why It Doesn’t Work

Buying followers will increase your follower numbers, but it certainly won't help boost your reputation.

Why Should You Join A Tweet Chat?

Engagement, or interacting and exchanging messages with other Twitter users, is the core of micro-blogging. By getting into conversations with others, you bring a deeper purpose into your online account.

Why Social Media Engagement Is A Big Deal

To keep your followers (and customers), you have to communicate and engage.

Why The New Indian Prime Minister Won’t Get Singh’s 1.24 Million Twitter Following

When Dr. Manmohan turned over his administration to the new Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the official Twitter handle with over 1.24 million followers was not included in the deal.

Why Twitter Location Marketing Matters

When it comes to marketing on the world's largest social media community, location targeting may go farther than simply setting a national campaign.

Why Use Hashtags? Guide To The Micro-Blogging Universe

A hashtag is a keyword phrase used in Twitter conversations with the primary purpose of bringing conversations on the same topic in a single thread.

Why You’re On Twitter and Why Hashtags Matter

Here are some reasons why it matters that you're on Twitter and how you can maximize your presence online.

Words Battle It Out On ‘Twitter Tussle’

Twitter Tussle is a nifty new app that pits words against each other in a popularity battle.

Yes, The Pope Shall Tweet!

By the end of 2012, the Catholic community's most influential man will join the world's largest social media platform.

You Got Followed, Should You Follow Back?

Numbers matter on Twitter -- but should you really follow back everyone who follows you?

Your Bio Is Sacred: What Never To Put In Your Profile

Treat your bio as you would yourself in real life. Here's how to make sure your profile maintains respectability online.

Your Follower Called You a Dud; Should You Fight Back?

When people are out to ruin your social media reputation, what should you do? Here's how the giant companies dealt with their haters.

Your Tweet Matters: Study Shows More People “See” Tweets Than “Post” Them

Nielsen has conducted research which showed that more people read tweets about television compared to those who actually create tweets by a margin of 50-1.

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Listen, measure and engage in Twitter conversations and gain valuable social media insights.

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Track Your Hashtags

Listen, measure and engage in Twitter conversations and gain valuable social media insights.

For your industry, keyword, event, business, product, service, conference, or blog.

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