How To Protect Your Twitter Reputation

January 22, 2014
Your Twitter reputation is important if you wish to keep your posts visible to many and for people to keep following you. There are a number of ways to ensure that your reputation stays good for many months. Some companies that used the wrong approaches suffered ruining their reputation completely or for a long time. Maintaining a good reputation on Twitter is better than fixing it. Learn some of the techniques and technologies available for successful campaigns.

1. Put a premium on accuracy

Whenever you tweet, make sure that your sources are reliable and you are only putting information that is both accurate and reliable. It is important to post new and fresh content regularly. However, the frequency and speed of your content should not compromise the quality and accuracy. Many users and companies ruin their reputation by posting information that turns out to be completely false. Twitter followers can unfollow accounts that are unreliable.

2. Establish and maintain relationships

Do not simply expect people to follow and participate in your Twitter activities and events without expecting anything in return. The first step is to establish rapport and provide them with benefits, such as giving useful information and engaging with them on a casual and professional level. Also participate in their events, hashtags and other online contests to gain new friends. Take care of relevant users and tag and send direct messages frequently.

3. Reply quickly

Always answer questions and concerns within a reasonable period of time. Many users appreciate if you can respond within 24 to 48 hours. Check your inbox and look out for tags and mentions so you do not ignore loyal followers. When creating or joining hashtags, also communicate and respond to queries quickly. The content should be accurate and reliable despite the timely reply.

4. React properly and professionally

It will be challenging to please every user on Twitter. However, you can respond in an appropriate manner that others will appreciate online. If you post something offensive, apologize in public or send direct messages to people you may have problems with. Do not argue in public and stay respectful when stating your opinions. You can also delete posts and messages that turn out to be wrong or offensive.

5. Stay visible

Tweet regularly and avoid staying away from Twitter for more than two to three days at a time. The frequency of your tweets will also determine how long you can manage being absent. On the average users are expected to tweet five to ten times a day. Stay within the frequency range so as not to show users that you might have abandoned them. Tweet as frequently as you can manage, using a variety of devices. Staying updated with the latest trends and changes in the business will also guarantee the strength of your Twitter reputation. Using mobile devices can be advantageous to many marketers and companies using Twitter. Find useful affiliates who can bring more followers and convert them into long term clients.

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