Social Media Branding, According To Hilton

December 11, 2013
Hilton has built itself through the years to become one of the most reputable and luxurious hotel brands in the world with more than 550 properties in 80 countries. The franchise has used different approaches and marketing strategies through the decades and continues to innovate according to the needs and demands of the market. Today, Hilton is investing heavily on social media to get closer to customers. On Twitter, Hilton created a distinct account to focus on customer care and handle various issues and questions regarding the company. The handle @hiltonsuggests helps social media fans look for the most convenient locations and other tips on how to make the most out of their stay at any branch of the franchise. Social media tools are also used by the company to look for users and tweets that are searching for details in particular cities where the brand has hotels. The Twitter account can provide quick and useful information such as the best rooms, clubs to visit and food to try. The global head of Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Rob Palleschi stated that the company intends to humanize the brand to engage with customers better and give their image a more approachable personality --which will ultimately lead to added sales and long term relationships. They specifically honed in on particular relevant users on Twitter then communicated with these key individuals to spread brand awareness. As a result, they were able to forward their message to target clients and provide excellent and memorable experiences for guests regardless of the location. hilton With its current social media presence, Hilton is bound to further cement its reputable image with the public. Staying close with customers and engaging with them on a similar level is the key to satisfaction and innovation.

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