Why Your Most Prolific Users Matter

June 17, 2013
In social media networks, it is important to lure the right clients who can spread brand awareness as well as bring additional income for your business. Specifically, you have to find and identify your most prolific hashtag users because these very individuals will bring more loyal followers and continue sharing your content. These key individuals are very important to your business and should be treated with care.

Identifying the Best Hashtag Users

1. The most interactive

First, find the online users who constantly join your conversations and use your hashtags. These people like to share content as well as communicate with others to talk about specific topics that you initiated. These people usually belong to the same industry or are avid followers or clients of related products and services. They can easily be detected because they usually join conversations pertaining to similar subjects. For example, for the perenially popular hashtag #Obama, we know based on the number of tweets sent in the past six months that the most prolific users are the accounts below. Analytics tools are helpful in getting you closer to these potential brand and social evangelists.

2. The most influential

A few of the individuals who use your hashtags may also be leaders on social media platforms. They usually come up with their own hashtags so feel free to join these if you?re interested or if the topics are closely related to your type of business. You are fortunate to be followed by some who have thousands of followers since they can share your content, providing you with more followers in the future. Influential accounts are also those we normally see with a lot of retweets and favorites, no matter how seemingly mundane the post is. A very good example of an influential tweet poster is celebrity Paris Hilton, who to date has over 11 million followers. Once Paris makes mention of your brand, you can be sure customer numbers will suddenly shoot up. prolific2

3. Check the profile

Some of the good indicators of a prolific hashtag user is having a well-defined profile and a clear photo. People are more likely to take notice of tweets or follow someone online if the profile is properly made. Read about the person?s interests and background. It is very likely that you share common interests or belong to the same industry. You can then exchange and repost information to bring in more followers and spread the brand to target clients.

4. Constant presence

Look for those who are always online and post good quality content frequently. These individuals will help improve your reputation by providing links to your articles, blogs and website as well as reposting your content. Active users will increase the reach and impressions you make. Aim to follow the prolific hashtag users who know the rules when using these. They generally garner a lot of followers and responses when posting because they provide good content and follow the guidelines on proper hashtag use. Follow these key persons online and join some of their contests, conversations and chats as well.  

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