15 Tech Geeks to Follow on Twitter

November 29, 2012
Twitter is full of people from different parts of the globe and all walks of life. There several trending topics and hashtags that specifically cater to groups depending on the objectives and interests of online users. If you consider yourself as tech-savvy or highly addicted to video games and outer space, you should look for the right mentors online who can provide you with all the interesting updates and news. Twitter, after all, is a product of tech genius. Here's out list of the most prolific tech geeks on the micro-blogging community. [Note: follower numbers are as of November 29, 2012] 1. Jack Dorsey. Dorsey (@jack) is co-founder of Twitter as well as CEO of Square. Being one of the pioneers of the social micro-blogging site makes him follow-worthy to all nerds. He has over 2.17 million followers. 2. Neil Gaiman. Gaiman (@neilhimself) has written several fiction and fantasy books. Sand Man is one of his most popular comic works. He frequently tweets about new stories and characters. He has over 1.79 million followers. 3. David Pogue. People who are interested in smartphones will get a lot of great information from Pogue (@Pogue) who is the Tech Columnist of the New York Times. He has over 1.45 million followers. 4. Ryan Penagos. Twitter users who love comic books and superheroes will be excited to know that Ryan Penagos (@AgentM) works for Marvel Comics. Marvel is known to have spawned famous characters like Wolverine, The X-Men and Spider-Man. Penagos is the editorial director and provides quick news regarding the company. Penagos currently has over 1.35 million followers. 5. Mike Massimino. There are only a handful of Twitter users who happen to be astronauts so you can start learning more about outer space by following his account (@Astro_Mike). Massimino is known to be the first human being to tweet from outer space. He usually provides NASA news and features. He has over 1.25 million followers. 6. Brian Cox. Hardcore geeks on Twitter will get a lot of fun things from Cox (@ProfBrianCox) who works as a particle physicist. He can make very sophisticated scientific issues easier to understand for the rest. He has more than 880,000 followers. 7. Adam Savage. You might be familiar with Savage (@DontTryThis) if you watch the popular TV show Mythbusters. He is one of the two eccentric geeks known for trying the most ridiculous things and proving science right or wrong. You can also get access to a number of videos and other media content. He has more than 811,000 followers. 8. John Hodgman. Geeks who like fiction and traveling will enjoy following John Hodgman (@Hodgman) on Twitter. He shares a lot of information regarding his travels as well as provides quick and interesting information. He has over 807,000 followers. 9. ThinkGeek. You can get a lot of geeky items from @ThinkGeek. One of the good things about the account is that it shares more information to users than simply sell stuff online. ThinkGeek has over 620,000 followers 10. Mike Krahulik. Also known as Gabe, Krahulik (@cwgabriel) is a comic artist who always sends out tweets regarding new characters and his take on comic book stories and twists. He has close to 96,000 followers. 11. Dennis Crowley. The co-founder of Foursquare (@dens) shares a lot of casual things about his life. Regardless of his impeccable reputation in the social media world, he stays close to his fans. Crowley almost has 55,000 followers. 12. Jane McGonigal. Video game enthusiasts will also like to follow Jane McGonigal (@avantgame) who constantly provides great links to a variety of video games and related instructions. She has over 39,500 followers. 13. Aaron Levie. Levie (@levie) is co-founder of Box and provides very creative and interesting posts every now and then. He has over 32,000 followers. 14. Gabe Rivera. Rivera (@gaberivera) is the founder of TechMeme who tweets about the latest news on technology mixed with some fun and humor. Rivera has over 30,000 followers. 15. Jonah Peretti. He is co-founder (@peretti) of the Huffington Post and Buzzfeed who constantly gives Twitter fans a closer look into all things tech. He has close to 22,000 followers. This is, of course, not the be-all-end-all list. Have we missed anyone who you think should be part of this roster? Let us know in the comments!

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