#HonestyHour Reveals Twitter's Human Side

August 23, 2013
The hashtag #HonestyHour was created recently to encourage online users to make a confession about anything and everything -- good or bad. People are supposed to share something personal about themselves and share an experience or characteristic honestly. The conversation immediately trended well on Twitter, as more people joined in to tweet some of their secrets. Other shared links to photos of themselves engaging in private activities while others posted things that they did not like or wanted to change about their body or personality. The hashtag was meant for people to be open about their own flaws and allow them to speak out and forward their concerns to others without being ridiculed or criticized. Most of the tweets actually had a serious tone, although there were still others who preferred to post funny things that they finally decided to let others know about. There were users who posted about their existing and past relationships and how they feel about other people. There were also several who shared sentimental experiences and what they do not like about other people and the world around them. honesty The hashtag may look like a generic call to action, but given the amount of engagement it received in just a short time, peaking at over 19,000 tweets and nearly 12 million impressions (the latest happened August 22, 12:00AM to 1:00AM), it serves as a great example for those who are looking to trend on social media. In short, if you want a hashtag to get noticed and trend, it has to appeal to the humanity of the micro-blogging community. #HonestyHour continued to trend well as online users tweeted about their crushes and who they were stalking online. Many also discussed the lessons they learned after coming off a relationship and the specifics that they expect in the next one. The hashtag has become a common ground for people to vent out their frustrations about love and life and find resolutions or meaning in each experience. Here's a sampling of what users posted.

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