5 Skills Every Social Media Manager Should Have

August 7, 2013
To truly separate regular social media marketers from the experts, there are a number of skills that can be honed to make the leaders stand out. As you develop these and widen your knowledge and experience, you will also realize the benefits and increased response from target users. Learn about the top characteristics that successful social media managers should possess to build your reputation online -- and quickly.

1. Grammar skills

Your posts, blogs and articles should be written professionally. Use the proper punctuations, spellings and grammar to keep information readable and easy to understand. Use simple words but explain the data in detail so you can stand out from other available information online. The messages can also be conversational especially when you?re replying to posts and answering questions. The idea is to create a distinct personality and make it seem as if there is a live human being running the online account. Remember that in your first few posts you will be judged by the online community and if you don't do things right at the beginning, it's not likely you'll get anybody to take you seriously and click that 'Follow' or 'Subscribe' button.

2. Time management skills

Social media managers also understand the value of being on time and sticking to the schedule or deadline. Successful marketers know how to prepare days ahead so they can generate a lot of buzz and get more people to participate in related activities. Time management also means that there are secondary plans available just in case first options don?t work out. List down all the things that need to be done then divide these based on the available resources and time.

3. Resilience

Social media marketers should also keep providing new and unique content to target customers. They should not fail to keep people interested by providing new information and updates regularly. There should also be new activities that provide benefits or bonuses to followers like contests and chats. Use the various features and tools on social media platforms to provide people with useful content that will keep them coming back for more. For instance, if you're running a specific marketing campaign based on a hashtag (and you should), you can track how well it is being received online so you can better design your next month, or see if your current methods are working or not. Have a look at the marketing hashtag #GoWithSkyFibre. At the day of its launch, we see that it immediately peaked with 453 tweets, but over time waned and did not get any more activity. If you see this happening to your campaign, it means it is time to start a new one or that you should introduce something to perk readers up, like a contest.

4. Listening skills

To be successful in social media marketing, you have to be aware of the recent issues and controversies, especially those surrounding your industry. Learn how to act and prepare for feedbacks from clients. Also get guidelines and insight from other experts in the field and learn how to adjust your strategy based on comments and input provided by others. Be patient with customers and respond in a positive manner. Spend time and engage with various people online to know what they need and provide accordingly. See these examples: manager3 manager4

5. Leadership

As a leader, the social media campaign will gauge its success on your objectives and drive to accomplish. You have to learn how to empower people to respond and also lead online followers to participate in various activities. This means knowing their needs and providing them information and other products that will actually be beneficial in the long run. Leaders know how to find solutions to problems and do not merely intend to make a quick sale. Establish your reputation online by spending time to build relationships. Practice all these skills and you will realize the benefits of a successful social media campaign. Adjust your strategy over time and learn how to get new content regularly.

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