Is Your Hashtag Reaching The Right People?

May 17, 2013
Using the right hashtag is highly important if you wish to reach the highest number of target consumers that will mean much to the continuous growth of your business. There are certain strategies to use when creating a hashtag. Do not randomly target individuals in the social media network without knowing more about their background first. Look for the right people who can immediately communicate with other relevant social media users who can show support and avail of your products.

Why You Need A Good Hashtag

A targeted hashtag is a very effective social media tool that will improve the way people relate with your company. The hashtag has to be distinct from others in the same industry to attract more customers and bring in social media experts who can further grow your business. Identify the keyword that will appeal to them the most. Also be aware of the latest issues and current events in the industry. Being specific means that the hashtag has to be easy to understand and readable even when viewed for just a few seconds. Use no more than 2 to 3 words. Use capitalizations and numbers to create separation. The specific hashtag will drive the right individuals on the social media platform to follow. These relevant people on the internet are those who are truly interested in your products and company. They constantly communicate with other potential clients and also do their own research. You can convert your most loyal followers into actual clients to bring in much needed sales. You will save time, effort and money by investing in people who are relevant to your business instead of randomly targeting anyone online.

Strategies for Hashtags


Join social media discussions, chats and conversations to find some of the most relevant individuals that you can include in your network. Add and follow experts in the chosen industry and keep up with the latest trends and developments in the business. You should also be part of Twitter chats regularly held by experts in the market. Connect with others who join in the discussions then provide good quality posts and content to entice them to follow you online. Use links, photos, videos, articles and other informative and interesting social media content to drive the right people to your account. You can find out which people are using your hashtags the most by looking into analytics tools. Let's see the recently trending hashtag #Music, as an example. people1

Appreciate Analytics

You should also make use of social media analytics to know how well the hashtag did and which areas still need improvement. The analytics tool will specifically show how well the hashtag did during the first hour, first 24 hours, first week or within a full month?s time. You can assess the type of people visiting the conversation and monitor the posts. The tool will also give you details on the impressions made by the hashtag and interactions made by users. Using the tool will help you determine which topics and issues are most interesting to the target market. You can also get more tips on how to come up with the best hashtags and how to provide good quality content to keep social media users interested.


The hashtag #Trending10 was spawned by the account @tridentgum together with Fuse and Twitter to further boost the television show which focuses on real Twitter conversation peaks and spikes. The TV show features 10 stories based on the most-discussed music topics of the day. People who are interested in music will find conversations and original content showing the views of people from all over the globe. Since music is one of the most popular topics on Twitter, it is expected that #Trending10 will also do very well among social media users. Here's how it's faring on Twitter to date. people2 The show was presented just after the recent launch of #Music.

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