What Your Social Media Team Should Know About Customers

Customers differ in terms of personality, preferences and demands. When it comes to social media marketing, you still have to put a lot of emphasis and provide excellent customer service every time -- just like in the real world. Satisfied clients can quickly spread the word about your business in a positive manner. Your brand can immediately grow and more people will be willing to try and avail of your products and offerings. Some companies have successfully established their brands by training their social media team properly. Others, however, lost so much by neglecting good customer service.

Basic Strategies

1. You can?t turn back time.

When a social media team neglects or abandons a customer online, there is no way that they can undo what they?ve stated or done. There are instances in which marketers announced news or offers online and then realized that there are mistakes or consequences brought about by rushing or not thoroughly thinking about the concept and approach. The brand can suffer for a long period of time. You can redeem yourself with customers who might have been offended by the deed. However, according to experts, it will take 5 to 7 times more the effort needed to encourage them to have a positive attitude about your brand. As a rule, you and your team should get things done right the first time -- every single time.

2. Plan ahead.

The social media team should always start by coming up with a plan and strategy based on their established objectives, goals, consequences and risks. It is important to formulate a plan that will further grow and establish your brand. Also create ways on how you can best deal with customers and appeal to their needs. Find solutions to existing and potential problems. Create a calendar or schedule so your approaches stay sound and secure. You can make the necessary adjustments as you proceed. Having a good hashtag is a great way to stay connected to your customers and see what feedback they may have on your product or brand. A hashtag is a word or group of words preceded by a # sign and has the power to classify comments made with this tool under one thread. A reliable analytics tool will help you track how your hashtag is performing, how many people it is reaching and what exactly people are saying about it online. Here's what it looks like with #hashtag. Notice how you can track a hashtag's activity as close as now and as far back as one year. You may view it in graph form, or in numbers. Nifty, right? #Hashtag one week back (and by the hour) in numbers h1 #Hashtag six months back in graph form h2

3. Know the social media rules.

Social media websites and networks have their own set of rules and policies when it comes to marketing and dealing with clients and other social media users. Adhere to these guidelines properly and never break the rules, or it may result to a tarnished reputation for a long time. You also risk losing customers should you be suspended or banned for violating the rules of the network. The social media team should be updated about regulations and other changes made in the network and inform others.

On Improving Your Online Customer Relations Strategy

4. Keep growing.

Positive customer relationships should always be intended for the long term. There are short term ones, depending on the objectives, but you should always treat clients in the same manner every time. Consistency will result to repeat transactions and satisfied clients who can pass on good information about your brand to others. Learn new techniques and strategies through your experiences and previous transactions. Deal with people from various backgrounds and industries. Also meet with some other experts in the business and find mentors who can provide you with new tips and updates on how to maintain and improve customer relationships.

5. Maintain respect.

Always treat customers and other social media users with respect. People you encounter in the network may not immediately turn into customers, but you can establish and strengthen the relationship. Later on, you will realize how some of these can be converted into the most relevant people in your business. Identify the attitude and personality of the people you meet then try to render help fitted to their responses or communicate without expecting any reward. Some of the people you meet online can give honest evaluations about you and your business. The social media team should constantly learn new skills and get information on how to improve their relationships with customers. Once you master how to focus on the customer, the income and good reputation will follow.

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