Hashtag Tracking: Why It Matters

April 4, 2013
Improving your status on Twitter will require you to monitor your activities and progress. Hashtag tracking is one of the important methods that you can incorporate in your social media activities. Tracking the hashtags you make will provide useful information that will guide you on the proper ways to market your company. It is equally important to compare your status with others online for maximum benefits.

Why You Need To Track Hashtags

First of all, hashtag tracking involves knowing which online users are talking about your products, brand, company and events. Hashtags will trend well if there are new updates and unique content to acquire and share. There are several tools and hashtag tracking platforms online that will provide you accurate and helpful information about your conversations. You can view the trending hashtags and determine which ones are frequently mentioned or discussed in a given day, week or month. There are great tools such as the ones offered at hashtags.org which will give you a graphical representation of how often online users are talking about your company or brand. You can further determine the very people who are using the hashtags. Other useful data you can get include knowing the total number of times that the hashtag is used and finding relevant individuals who can further share information about your company. Let's have a look at the graphical data for the hashtag #hashtag. You can set the tracker to 12 hours, 24 hours, several days to a week up to a year. This will help you see how far a tag has gone over time and which times it reached its peak. You also find out what others are saying about it.



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Things to Expect When Tracking

A good hashtag analytics tool like the one offered by hashtags.org will give social media users very detailed and complete hashtag lists. When you type in the hashtag on the search bar, you can quickly see the different available data that will show how well the marketing techniques and approaches are currently working. You can maintain the strong points and improve on the weak areas. As a whole, you can continuously improve your strategy to cater to your clients better just by observing their tweets and responses. Several customers actually provide feedback and suggestions that can guide you. Other useful information that you can get from a great hashtag analytics tool include the proper time to post and tweet, since you will also know the impressions that your hashtags are getting on a particular date or hour. For the hashtag #Apple, for instance, you'll see below that more people use it at around 9:00AM to 11:00AM, in a span of three days. This will help you time your posts, so they don't get wasted on people who are not likely to respond.


You can also the best users who can further share the information to other related users. You can discover other great hashtags that will be relevant to your specific online goals.

Applying to Different Industries

Hashtag tracking can be used regardless of the kind of industry you belong to and the type of company you?re promoting and operating. You can gauge the total tweets that a hashtag gets during its peak. You can also find out how many hashtags in all were generated since it began and if it is still picking up or losing popularity over the next few days. You can use the approach in various businesses and expect to meet some of the experts as well as key clients that will further your cause and online goals. Many corporations and political parties relied on hashtag tracking to adjust their strategy for optimum results. Here's a graph on the hashtag #Obama representing the past 6 months.


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