How To Track Hashtag Performance

February 15, 2013
The hashtag has shown to be one of the most useful things that you can try on Twitter if you wish to make a good impression for your business or for personal reasons. A hashtag is described as a categorized conversation where topics are prefixed by a ?#,? making these quite easy to find. You will realize that people can better find your company or profile if you start great hashtags that trend well. By clicking on a hashtag on Twitter, or any other social media platform that utilizes hashtags to categorize topics, you will be directed to a page that is updated in real time on the specific subject. This makes finding like-minded individuals easier on the vast Internet space and can be a very effective research and information tool. To determine which hashtags are trending well, you can try some online tools and sites that provide analytics and data, for example, on the number of tweets the hashtag is getting at a time, what related hashtags are being used on posts or what people are saying about at this very moment.

The Advantages of a Good Hashtag

Anybody can make a hashtag. It is, after all, just a word that is prefixed by a hash sign. However, effective hashtags, or those that attract a valuable market or audience, requires analysis and some guidelines. Having a great hashtag will provide you with some quick benefits.

1. More followers.

Some online users have successfully come up with great hashtags which in turn led them to have hundreds or thousands of followers in a few days. To keep your following to follower ratio positive, you need to come up with a relevant hashtag that will provide unique and useful information to individuals. Properly monitor the conversations to make sure that everything stays within topic. A good hashtag can boost your online reputation especially when it is properly managed.

2. Improved reputation.

Creating a well-trending hashtag can establish your reputation online. When people see your name as a moderator and the conversation was properly monitored and managed, they can immediately refer to you in the future and will also most likely join future hashtags you create. When you engage in online business, you have the benefit of a solid reputation to easily grab more clients.

3. Getting information.

When you come up with a good hashtag, you can immediately find new relevant people to follow and keep updated with. You can also find other related hashtags and topics online as shared by users to get the freshest and most relevant information, depending on your objectives. All these will help forward your cause and you can further improve the content of the hashtag as it continues to trend.

Why Analytics Matter

Hashtags.org provides users with one of the largest and most complete hashtag lists in the world. By keying-in your hashtag on its search bar, you will be led to various types of data that will help determine where your marketing strategy needs improvement and where it is the strongest. By providing users with the number of tweets and impressions the hashtag has been getting on a specific date and hour, you are able to figure out what the best times to launch your campaign are, who the most prolific users are (and will likely be your brand's evangelists), and what other hashtags are best to be used with it so it trends even better. For example, the hashtag #SOTU trended worldwide recently when newly re-elected US president Barack Obama took the stage to speak of the state of the United States and his plans for the next several years. By entering #SOTU on the analytics bar, you discover how many tweets it has had at its peak, how many it generated since it started, when it started, what Twitters users are saying, who uses the hashtag most often and the other hashtags related to it. Keeping updated with the recent developments in hashtags as well as understanding the proper ways to create and operate these will provide you with long-lasting online benefits -- whether for a professional, political or personal campaign.

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