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How To Use Instagram (and its Hashtags) To Promote Your Brand

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There are several social media websites available that will adequately promote your brand. It is important to be familiar with the most popular ones so you can conveniently target the right audience and grow your business.

There are a handful of social media platforms that focus on hashtags. Hashtags are prefixed with the “#” symbol followed by the actual topic or event that you wish to promote. You can gain more loyal customers as well as get people to actually avail of your offerings by employing the right strategies.

Instagram is a very good and visual way to enhance your presence online.

Instagram Marketing Basics

Different social media networks have unique ways for people to interact and share information online. Instagram is unique because it focuses on photo sharing.

The activity involves uploading pictures that users generally capture using their mobile devices or phones. You can share the photos to your friends or target clients to immediately attract them to visit your store or avail of new products.

1. Take interesting photos.

Primarily, individuals who wish to promote their brand using Instagram should start by taking photos using their mobile devices or smart phones and then uploading and sharing these on Instagram. You can put a short tag line that will further define the picture. Many users actually take photos of actual products or people availing of the brand.

2. Use hashtags.

Using hashtags will properly categorize the photos so that people can easily find brands and products that pertain to their specific interests. It will be easier to find products and brands if hashtags are made for these.

Be sure to pick a hashtag name that will easily identify and describe your brand or product. Choose one to two words only and include the year if necessary for an event.

Read about what never to do with hashtags.

3. About your profile.

It is ideal to promote your account or profile in the same manner as you would in other social media networks. Use the right hashtags and provide links which will boost your reputation immediately. People will immediately refer to you for good quality and unique content whenever they visit Instagram.

4. Invite others to share.

The photo sharing activity should also involve other people, particularly those who availed of your brand. Ask them to upload photos of themselves using the product. Some companies are more creative and set up competitions wherein prizes are given to the top photos.

Inviting others will make the approach more interactive and interesting. People will also keep on visiting your account to view the developments or to see if you have posted new stuff.

5. Set up events.

When planning for activities and events, be sure that you also create hashtags for these to increase the anticipation and boost the number of people attending. You can set up the new hashtag weeks before the actual event. During the day of the event, continue uploading photos and post regularly to let others see the advantages using their mobile devices.

These simple Instagram approaches will quickly establish your brand and encourage others to avail immediately. Keep your account updated and communicate properly with your target market.

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Monica 22-02-2013, 03:23

Thanks Tom your info was very helpful!

A picture’s worth a thousand words | 25-06-2013, 03:12

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