Why Analytics Matter To Your Twitter Strategy

February 26, 2013
Twitter is used by thousands of individuals all over the world to help in their various online activities and business campaigns. Social analytics is a special approach that will provide you with vital information so you can adequate keep updated with the recent developments in the industry. Analytics will also guide you properly on how to improve your social media strategies in a way that will ultimately lead to more online followers and income. Acquiring specific information and knowing how to use it properly will help.

Advantages of Social Analytics

1. Get more traffic.

An online analytics tool can show you how much traffic is being generated by Twitter to your own website. You can view how many people visiting your online site actually come from Twitter and how often these individuals visit. You can monitor how well your Twitter strategies work to bring in more people and potential customers to your company.

2. Share website content.

You can identify the users who retweet or repost information coming from your own website. You can check which types of information will appeal most to your Twitter customers. Some types of content can spread rapidly across the social media network, depending on relevance and originality. You can determine content-rich information that will immediately grab the attention of your target market. Our analytics tool, for example, lets you know who the top posters of a certain hashtag are, thereby allowing you to possibly tap these people as brand evangelists. Likely, these are the people who will gladly market your business or product simply because they believe in it (and not expect to get paid). For the hashtag #Obama, here are the top posters to-date.

3. Gauge the effectiveness of online strategies.

An analytics tool can also provide you with useful information on how certain campaigns and approaches work for your benefit. You can determine how well the market responds to certain business techniques and messages. You can adjust these methods in the future to better relate with your target clients and build a long-lasting and solid relationship.

Getting Tips and Information

When using a social media analytics tool, you can also get more help and tips from successfully trending hashtags. There are special social media analytics tools that specialize in Twitter hashtags. People can visit the website to find out which topics are trending well in the moment. You can also view graphs and get quick information on the top trending hashtags. Here's how it can look, for instance, on the hashtag #Obama.


You can observe how the moderators maintain the conversations and set up the hashtag so that it brings in as many people as possible. You can benefit from the same approaches used by social media experts. Find out how many hours it took for certain topics to gain popularity and how long these stay up. You can continue building your audience by using the basic tools on Twitter such as retweeting, tagging and linking. Provide interesting media and original material that people will keep coming back for. Compare how your new materials affect the hashtag trend. The analytics tool will help you provide added value to your hashtags and boost your social media techniques and methods. The metrics will also show you the online users that stopped following or quit the conversation. You can then determine at which point and why these individuals lost interest. Later on, think of more ways to appeal to them in the longest period of time possible.

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