How To Organize A Local Twitter Party

February 18, 2013
Hosting a Twitter party or a tweet chat is relatively easy and can significantly give your online reputation a boost if you do it right. There are a number of rules to follow to guarantee that everybody who joins will have a fun time, as well as get relevant information. Start researching early so you know how to manage the conversations well and make the necessary announcements too so you have a lot more people attending. You can host a local Twitter party anytime depending on your online goals and objectives.

Tips For A Successful Twitter Party

1. Join other tweet chats first.

Join a number of Twitter parties to understand how everything works. This can be part of your research. Get to know some of the experts in the field who have hosted successful tweet chats before and ask them about the basic rules and some of the common mistakes they have encountered. You can learn from their experience and get some guidelines on how to start and avoid the usual pitfalls. Also observe how the conversations are managed throughout the course of the chat.

2. Choose a style.

There are several styles and themes to choose from. You have to be consistent when it comes to the style. Some people actually build a reputation when hosting a Twitter party because they follow a certain theme every time. You can try a question-and-answer approach or post pictures and articles every now and then and let the participants discuss their opinions. Other Twitter parties ask other participants to share their own media content as well for discussion purposes.

3. Ask questions.

Keep the conversation interesting by asking questions and updating necessary facts and details. People wish to join tweet chats to continue getting information relevant to their own interests and field. You should also answer questions within a timely manner. Post pictures or provide links and then ask questions about these. The conversations will continue as long as there are related topics of interest to discuss. Also guide the participants to keep the conversations within topic.

4. Rules on setting the time.

People all over the United States and the world will have to deal with various time zones. If you?re setting a schedule, be sure to accommodate at least the majority of your target participants. It will help to start a hashtag or make early posts to let them know the time and then make the necessary adjustments depending on how they respond. Some of the most organized tweet chats set a schedule regularly each week so people can set aside time to join.

5. Let people know.

The Twitter party will have more participants if you make the necessary announcements. Use a variety of social media tools and techniques to let people know about the upcoming conversation. Post it regularly on your account, start a hashtag, provide links and use other social media sites if needed. Make sure you fill in the full details. You can also tag some key persons who have a lot of influence online to bring in more people. Thank these special individuals afterwards.

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