Hashtag Power: What A Hashtag Can Do For A Brand

Hashtags are generally described as issues or topics on social media sites precluded by the ?#? (hash/pound) symbol. It makes topics and conversations easier to locate on Twitter since these will be arranged categorically. You will also realize how useful hashtags?are when it comes to branding or advertising. You can expect hundreds of new followers online as well as real customers by knowing how to operate and monitor these. Here are some advantages that hashtags can offer to your brand.

The Perks Of Hashtag Use

Primarily, hashtags make online searches easier?and faster since topics are arranged according to category. The online users benefit by immediately being led to the topics and conversations that they wish to join and from where they acquire information. Those who create the hashtag?also benefit by having more relevant users join the conversations. If you?re a marketer, you don?t have to worry about random individuals joining the conversation. Having relevant participants will ensure that you can easily convert majority of these into actual sales and income. Your online reputation?will also increase as you become more reputable in your specific line of business. Samsung's (@SamsungMobile) recent campaign for the Galaxy S4 was introduced like this:


Hashtags are used in several social media networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest,?Instagram and Google+. Regardless of the social media platform that you support, you can be sure to find people who will be helpful in the continuous development of your business. More and more people are using hashtags to share and get information in different social media networks. Currently, 1 in every 8 tweets includes a hashtag. Hashtags are generally useful in generating leads or getting loyal customers.

More Benefits to Hashtags

Hashtags can also be used as a tool in viral marketing. Viral marketing?is described as an advertising strategy in which a controversial topic or issue is presented in a very exciting or interesting way such that thousands of others will immediately share and repost the information. Check out @ThreeUK 's hashtag #DancePonyDance, which continues to get hundreds of favorites and retweets.


Many businesses have gained thousands of followers overnight by using viral marketing. It is important to understand the structure, objectives and nature of the business and approach to determine if viral marketing is a good move. You can also make hashtags for various aspects and activities pertaining to the brand. Start a hashtag to introduce a new product, launch a new campaign, get feedback from previous offers or spread the word about an upcoming event. The target audience will constantly receive information and marketers can expect better attendance and response from clients each time with the help of hashtags. Plan the campaign carefully then create a schedule as to when certain hashtags need to be created just in time for special events. Proper timing is important as well as proper information dissemination to bring in as many useful customers as possible. Read about the Dos and Donts of Hashtag use.

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