5 Surefire Ways to Increase Your Follower Count

February 28, 2013
Twitter users are always looking for ways to gain more followers online. You can actually benefit a lot by having more followers and keeping the follower to following ratio positive. Understanding the basic approaches as well as learning new techniques will be helpful in bringing in the needed persons that will take your business or account to new heights. Here are some tried and proven ways to gain more followers.

1. Fix your account.

Your Twitter account should be interesting and informative. Provide a clear profile picture and cover photo to attract new followers. Many online users today prefer accounts that have casual photos compared to those that use actual company logos. This provides the account with added personality that makes it seem more approachable. Indicate some interesting things about yourself, your company and what people should expect by following.

2. Use the basic tools and functions.

When using Twitter, you should use the basic tools and features such as retweets, hashtags and live tweets. These will keep you interesting and guarantee that your posts are related with the business where you belong. You will also be retweeted and tagged by others online, thereby increasing your visibility to the target audience. There are various apps that you can try on Twitter which will give you more information on how to better address the target audience and ask them to follow you.

3. Unique posts.

The content is one of the most important things that you should maintain on Twitter to continually gain new followers. Always find time to update yourself with the latest news and update people online by providing informative and interesting posts. Also be the first to get information on recent developments in the business, as well as new products and services. Your posts should be relevant to the target audience. Thank individuals who participated in your campaign and conversations in your posts.

4. Follow the right people.

Distinguish the individuals who will be most meaningful to your various online objectives. These key individuals are most likely followed by other relevant users who can also share the news about your account and actually avail of your offers. Learn about these helpful individuals by joining hashtags and conversations. Retweet some of their posts and engage in conversations through direct messaging once in a while.

5. Stay visible.

Include a link to your Twitter account even when using other social media platforms and websites. Provide the link in your signature to keep people informed and make it easier for them to follow. Post frequently on Twitter as well. 5 to 10 tweets a day is advisable but be sure that the content is rich and unique. Create a hashtag about a relevant topic every now and then and invite people who will be helpful to your online and business goals. There are tools and applications that will provide you with details on the number of followers you lose or gain in a given day. You can also gauge how well some of your approaches worked by studying the figures and graphs after each campaign.  

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