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Why People Buy Followers – And Why It Doesn’t Work

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Even though having a lot of followers on Twitter can be advantageous, you have to remember the proper ways to acquire real followers. Otherwise, you might experience more adverse consequences than benefits.

Follower buying is actually available online but you shouldn’t be too quick to get these or you might only ruin your online reputation.

There are several ways to acquire followers the right way and guarantee that your online presence will truly work according to your objectives and needs.

Just liken the situation to friendships. Friends who are “bought” aren’t really helpful to your personal growth, but friends gained through mutual respect and shared interests will not hesitate to go the extra mile for you.

Here’s how follower buying can be destructive.

The Follower-to-Following Ratio

This should be one of the your most basic objectives on Twitter. Once you start adding people, make sure that you also have a number of followers that will properly offset the number of those you are following.

Having a lot of followers on Twitter will help improve your reputation and make you more visible to others online. However, be sure that your followers and the people you’re following belong in the same field. You can share and spread information faster and boost your brand or company better if you only refer to relevant users on Twitter.

Having a lot of followers does not always lead to good results. Some individuals actually become the target of spam, stalkers and unscrupulous individuals online. Some people discover that they are not targeting the right individuals that they need to share relevant information with.

It’s better to limit your followers, as well as keep the people you follow within the same network or field. You can improve the quality of followers by sharing information that is content-rich and unique. You can use other methods like retweeting, reposting and linking, provided that these are also related to your main topic.

About Follower Buying

There are some online companies that offer you instant Twitter followers for a small fee. For example, some sources can provide you with 1,000 new followers for only $25 to $50.

The approach actually works because your Twitter status and profile will show that you have all these new followers. The problem is, the numbers are only good for show. The followers provided are not actually backed by real people.

As a result, you cannot acquire and share information to the people who will mean much to your business. You might be able to lure others into following you because of the high numbers presented but in the long run, people will only unfollow you if you do not possess the basic traits and facts that real clients are looking forward to seeing.

Buying followers can also put you into trouble if Twitter detects that you are doing questionable activities that violate their terms and conditions.

Some individuals can be suspended or banned depending on the gravity of the offense. Buying followers will not provide you with income or boost your reputation because the accounts provided are not backed by real people. That quality of your account can suffer in the long run if you do not know the basic and most reliable ways to earn followers.

It is best to acquire followers through honest and complete information rather than taking the shortcut.

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