30 Ways to Boost Your Twitter Following

November 14, 2012
Anybody on Twitter aims to gain a huge following. Some celebrities managed to garner millions of followers in just a few weeks, some even days. Although you might not have the star power, you can still use a number of simple yet effective methods that will improve your reputation online. As you gain more influence, it will be easier to find more people to follow your account. Here are 30 ways to increase follower numbers on Twitter. 1. Use more than one social media platform. Aside from Twitter, there are a number of other social media networks that can be linked with the social micro-blogging giant to ultimately bring in more followers. 2. A professional profile. Prepare your profile bio and account carefully so that you always seem professional to potential clients or employers. Followers will more likely follow you if you use your real name.

3. Great content. Make sure that the posts are relevant to the topic. You can also share casual tweets on other occasions to provide a personalized approach.

4. Retweet. Also use the power of RT or retweets to share relevant and interesting posts for others to follow. 5. Invite people. Always grab the opportunity to tag and invite others to join discussions online. 6. Have others retweet your posts. Also have other individuals RT your tweets to let others know about your account and hopefully get the right people who will be most interested about your offers. 7. Use tools. There are several tools and features on Twitter that allow you to monitor tweets and follower accordingly. These can also give you information on how many people follow you each week or month. 8. Tools for inviting. There are also online tools that will help you add more people to your current directory. These individuals are categorized based on their previous searches and interests. 9. Buy followers. You can actually purchase ghost followers on Twitter to make it appear to others that your account is worth following because of the large number.

10. Find a mentor. A good coach or mentor will help bring in the right people to your account. You can also get quick tips on how to keep relevant individuals.

11. Provide a tweet button.?There are widgets and Twitter share buttons that you can install after your posts and blogs. These make it easier for others to retweet or share your messages. 12. Do charity work. Be creative and think of ways that will help you gain more followers at the same time rendering help to the charity of your choice for each person who follows. 13. Start a competition.?Contests online will spark the interest and enthusiasm of Twitter users. Have them follow you on Twitter to keep informed about the details. 14. Provide prizes. Some individuals successfully hold contests or offer quick rewards to every person who follows them. Companies use these effectively. 15. The background. Prepare your Twitter background and make it more "you" to attract potential followers. 16. A simple username. You should also keep the username easy to read and remember.

17. Start a hashtag. Hashtags will boost your popularity to the right people who will grow your business or improve your online status.

18. Find friends. Having contacts or people you know will automatically give you the very first followers of your profile regardless of what you tweet. 19. Proper timing. Tweet regularly to keep the account active. 20. Provide updates. Updating current and potential followers will give the impression that you are a great source of reliable and content-rich posts. 21. Respond. Don?t forget to reply to concerns and questions within a reasonable amount of time. 22. Be easy to find. You should also provide complete information such as your email address, company address and number and other members of the group. 23. Use keywords. Keywords and keyphrases will make you easier to find on Twitter using the search engine.

24. Choose the people you follow.?Also carefully consider only the people who will be relevant to your own objectives and company to gain more followers.

25. Unfollow. People who do not follow you should be unfollowed. There are tools that will help you see who are not following you even after a long period of time. 26. Tag. Tag people in your tweets, particularly those who also have a lot of current followers. 27. Print the Twitter name. When handing out flyers, posters and business cards, include the Twitter name. 28. Write a report. Providing a reliable report will improve your credibility online. 29. Write an e-book. You can quickly bring in the right people and become a rich source of relevant data online. 30. Join events. You should participate in some related activities that will establish your reputation online. Since Twitter is a social networking site, it is very important that you know how to interact and present yourself in a very confident and sociable manner. Ultimately, having the most number of followers does not really mean you have the greatest influence. Thus, you have a bigger job of making sure that those who do choose to monitor your tweets will have a reason to keep doing so for the long term.  

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