3 Keys To Better Twitter Relationships

November 13, 2012
Twitter relationships should be properly maintained if you wish to increase your follower count and boost your engagement activity. There are strategies and tools that will help you accomplish this. When using social media platforms like Twitter, reputation is very important to ensure that your follower-to-persons-followed ratio stays positive. Taking care of people and followers?on social media sites will also boost your reputation and help you grow your company better. The information you provide will be regarded as relevant and of value by others online, thereby improving your status for the long term. There are also some features and tools on Twitter that will help you accomplish your social objectives.

Three Ways to Better Relationship Management

1. Full information.

Always put your real name in the name field to establish your professionalism and make people trust you more. Many individuals online will be more likely to trust and invest in you if they know your full and real name. If you belong to an organization, which can be one of the main reasons why you created a Twitter account, include the company name or brand below the profile bio.

2. Care for clients.

Boosting Twitter relationships will rely much on what you can give to those who are interested in your account or company. Your posts should be interesting and promotional in nature, but be careful about self-promoting all the time or even blatantly. The Twitter profile should primarily be used for socializing and not to promote your company and products. Otherwise, you might be regarded by many as a spammer. The profile?should be presented in a manner that people will feel that they?re dealing with an actual person. Talk about casual matters at times, share your opinions and provide photos in casual settings to give your Twitter account more personality.

3. Post in a timely manner.

Proper timing is always important when tweeting. Users wish to get good quality information every now and then. It is advisable to post a few times each day or week about pertinent and relatable subjects. However, refrain from retweeting all the time and posting several times every hour. Provide updates as necessary and keep the content rich and unique every time. Retweets are allowed provided that you still give authentic and original data most of the time.

Using Online Tools

There are a number of apps and online tools on Twitter that will help you monitor and manage Twitter relationships better. You can review and discover the people who frequent your account and keep following conversations. You can also look for relevant individuals who can help improve your reputation and share useful information that will grab the attention of more potential followers. There are tools like Commun.it that will help you find valuable individuals and improve the way you manage relationships on the social media platform. The tool effectively arranges online users into three main categories, namely influencers, supporters and engaged members. Influencers are described as the people who will be most relevant to your business and entice more followers. Supporters are described as the people within your network who can retweet and spread the information you give to others. Engaged members are described as the people who follow updates and actually use your products and avail of other offers.

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