How to Set Up A Corporate Twitter Account

November 2, 2012
Many companies are using Twitter to share and receive information to and from their target clients. Being active on the social media site can lead to benefits in terms of exposure, product recall and sales. A lot of companies are now becoming part of social media networks since these are ideal places where they can spread related news and information. They can quickly get a huge following from the very people that will mean the most to their company -- their potential buyers. Twitter now has thousands of different company accounts with a variety of products and services featured on a daily basis. Some of these groups also use the social micro-blogging site to promote events and programs, as well as keep in touch directly with their customers. In fact, some companies have set up customer service teams dedicated to assisting client queries on Twitter and other social media platforms. Twitter is currently focusing on social media advertising, with a lot of groups investing in promoted trends?and hashtags. Using various online tools, companies can be served better and directed to the people who will most likely be interested in their offerings. Online users will also be provided with suggestions by Twitter based on their previous searches. Twitter has active and reliable customer services to ensure that users have an enjoyable and productive visit each time. Different personnel and managers are assigned in different areas of the site.

Setting Up a Twitter-based Corporate Account

1. Create the account.

Start your Twitter corporate account by using the business name. Some names may not be available, so choose another username that will be close to the one you have. Keep the username simple so that it can easily be recalled by Twitter users. Avoid dashes, underscores, too many numbers and other unnecessary characters that might make it difficult for potential customers to find the account. Fill in the necessary information and confirm the account to activate. Setting up an account?is the same as you would with a personal account, only that the details will be all about your enterprise. It is rare that corporate accounts will bear the real names of the people behind it. Most of the time, the account will stand as the brand itself so it is easier to search and remember.

2. Customize.

Customize the background and features of the account to make it more enticing and personal. The goal is to make the Twitter company account more approachable to potential clients by using real pictures. You can also post pictures of the best products, the office and people involved in the company. Choose the best colors and show the company logo. Read more on Customizing Your Twitter Background.

3. Start tweeting.

It?s best to have a number of tweets posted already before inviting people to visit or follow the account. Write 10 to 20 tweets on the first page. Post once every 30 to 60 minutes and then continue tweeting on a daily basis up to 5 times each day. On the average, the corporate account should post at least twice every day. The tweets should be informative, personal, engaging and appealing.

4. Bring in more followers.

The goal of posting is to entice more people to keep track of the company activities. You don?t have to keep posting pictures and information about the latest and available products. Feel free to share fun and casual things that are going on in the company. Find a current event to relate with to give the company the appeal of a real person.

5. A different support account.

There should be a separate Twitter corporate account for support which will handle technical issues, problems and other complaints that customers may have. This is effective to take out all the negative posts that might be placed on the official account. It also becomes a great avenue for the customer service support to provide help and guidelines in addressing different issues and concerns. Read about Starting a Twitter Hashtag for Business. A number of companies have effectively set up and maintained their Twitter corporate accounts. Some of the top companies that actively use the social media website include Palm (@Palm_Inc), JetBlue (@JetBlue), WholeFoods (@WholeFoods), Dell (@DellOutlet) and Starbucks (@Starbucks). These groups constantly share information and use the platform to provide news as well as get customer feedback. Over the years, these companies have been helped by Twitter to improve their standing in the market.

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