How to Live Tweet an Event

November 1, 2012
Special events can be covered by doing a live tweet. You can start one successfully -- all you need is a clear understanding of proper timing and, of course, Twitter use. There are some occasions when people cannot personally witness major or important events and occasions, which is why they would depend on other sources instead. Getting the latest news can be done through live tweets, which literally means tweeting in real-time or as events unfold. The approach offers a very reliable and accurate way of acquiring information and can also be a way of getting more followers on Twitter. You can try doing your own live tweet and cover big events and attractions. Always use a hashtag when tweeting live so people can easily find you on Twitter. They can help share their own views and comments on the trend and improve your reputation on the social micro-blogging site. Hashtags are used by Twitter users to invite others to join trending topics and conversations. You can make your own hashtags using the keywords of the event that you?re covering. Choose simple and understandable terms to make it easier for people to recognize and follow. Hashtagging simply requires you to use the ?#? symbol then adding a number of words relating to the specific topic.

About Hashtags and Live Tweets

Choose simple and brief hashtags composed of two to three words maximum only -- actually, just one best descriptive term is preferred. You can use numbers as well to indicate the year or the specific month when the event will take place. The words should also relate well or be specific to the topic or event. Here's what a live tweet looks like, with film director Kevin Smith (@ThatKevinSmith) using the hashtag #CBM discuss "Comic Book Men" on October 29, 2012.

Check Twitter to know if there are other similar and existent hashtags. Some people realize that there are already live tweets or trending topics about the same event. It?s possible to have more than one hashtag talking about the same topic. Picking the right and catchy words will bring in more people. Use capital letters as necessary. Start posting and providing relevant details to invite others to join the conversation. Also give a short description on what the event or hashtag is all about. You can share photos and tag others to promote the hashtag. Provide 5 to 10 tweets initially to establish ground, and then follow them up with posts spaced 10 to 20 minutes apart or as something interesting or quotable statement comes up . Strike the balance between providing exciting and interesting messages and being regarded as a spammer. Using the right number of posts as well as improving the content will add value to your tweets.

Keeping Followers Updated

Define the objectives and goals of your live tweet activity and describe the target audience properly. You will know the right posts and content to place once you?ve properly defined these. Engage with your target audience and be quick to reply to questions and inquiries. Since you?re doing a live tweet, you have to time the posts properly. Provide information as these happen to keep interested followers updated about developments in the program. Of course, it is needless to say that the tweets you make are accurate and timely. You can do a live tweet for events like big sporting events, concerts, marketing campaigns, political campaigns and major shows. Twitter only allows up to 140 characters maximum so use words in your posts carefully.  

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