Make a Fan or Parody Account Without Breaking Rules

October 30, 2012
Twitter allows users to make a fan or parody account to share information to interested online users. However, there are rules and policies on how to make these properly to prevent impersonation complaints. When making a fan or parody account, the creator of the account should be properly shown to be a different person than the one that is the subject of the parody. This should be shown well in the profile information to prevent impersonation. It?s best to be familiar with the proper methods when making the account. Start with the username. The username should be different from the full name of the subject or the fan or parody account. Although the name could be related, the two should still be distinct. The account must be properly set apart by using a number of terms that will help #Twitter users recognize it easily. Some of the commonly used terms to identify include ?fan? and ?fake?.

More Tips When Making an Account

Next, the name on the profile must not include the full name of the subject of the fan or parody without using the words recommended above. It is also recommended to help online users differentiate the names by providing some descriptions in the bio that will let others know that it is only a fan or parody account. Warn users by indicating that the account was made as fan or parody account and that it is not official or related with the subject. The goal is to prevent misrepresentation and deception. Some users will be offended if you create a fan or parody account without properly distinguishing it. Never tell anyone that the creator or you are the same person as the subject. This could lead to problems and even lawsuits. The same applies for role-playing accounts. Make sure that you properly describe the account to avoid misleading others into believing that the account is official.

Is a Parody or Fan Account Allowed?

Yes. Twitter users can make fan, commentary, parody or role-playing accounts. The website will serve as a source of information that will keep fans and followers updated about their favorite topics, celebrities and events. One of the main objectives of a parody page is to provide information and create a venue where interested users can share their concerns and ideas online. There are even commentary or parody pages which aim to discriminate or criticize the subject of the conversation. These are allowed for as long as the posts do not violate the policies and guidelines of Twitter. Should Twitter users violate these guidelines, they can be reported for impersonating accounts. The account or posts might be removed and the user banned indefinitely as a result. Twitter will allow the continuous existence of the fan or parody account as long as it stays within the limits provided by the terms of service. These should serve to inform and update and not to deceive other users. Initially, Twitter will request the creator to make the necessary changes if there are complaints and reports from others online. If the creator fails to abide by the rules or follows the recommended changes, permanent suspension can result. Here are some popular parody accounts you might want to check out.

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