How Do I Get Retweeted?

August 7, 2012
Getting retweeted?is probably one of the best compliments you can get on Twitter next, of course, to being directly acknowledged by another user through a @mention. The rate of somebody retweeting your tweet will depend on how you project yourself to your followers and the kind of content you share. Your content has to be fresh and interesting enough to go viral, or innovative enough to be proudly shared by another user to his or her own network of followers. By establishing Twitter presence as a source of valuable information, not only will get an impressive number of retweets, but likely a horde of followers as well.

What You Should Do To Get Retweeted

1. Provide valuable and interesting content.

There are generally two reasons why users retweet (RT) other people's tweets: they are either funny or intriguing enough to share and start a discussion with other people, or they are important updates to issues or events that affect a lot of individuals. This means reading a lot online and being in-the-know, so to speak. You will not be able to share great content if you don't search for them. Be the source of valuable information.

2. Appeal to the emotion.

Empathy will make your followers want to RT your posts. By evoking emotion from your followers, making them laugh, feel anger, love, happiness, you increase the chance of your post finding a place in your followers' own timelines as a retweet.

3. Keep it short and simple.

When you retweet, the tweet itself will re-appear in the post, leaving very little to no room for the user to add his or her own comments or endorsement to his or her own followers. While Twitter allows a maximum of 140 characters per tweet, perhaps you'd like to keep your posts to under 100 character so your potential retweeter will have space for his or her input.

4. Include photos or videos.

While text says a lot, adding pictures or videos to your tweets gives it character. Remember that majority of Twitter users have very short attention spans. Inserting a photo will allow you to say a lot more with less.  

5. Use action words.

Phrases like "how to" or "great tips" will likely encourage your followers to retweet your post over phrases like "please RT". Twitter users don't like being told what to do, but they will certainly want to do something about posts that are actionable. "Please RT" will also make you sound desperate, which isn't a good thing if you're trying to establish yourself as a viable source of great content.

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