Why Should You Join A Tweet Chat?

August 27, 2012
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Creating a Twitter account is the first step to a holistic online experience that allows you not only to consume and share information, but also to engage with other users located in all parts of the world. Engagement, or interacting and exchanging messages with other Twitter users, is the core of micro-blogging. By getting into conversations with others, you bring a deeper purpose into your online account. When you bring several people into one place to discuss a pre-defined topic, this is called a twitter chat. Sometimes, the topic is not even specifically set; you can gather a group of micro-bloggers under a general topic and just let the ideas flow.

What You Need To Form Tweet Chat

  • A topic, established in the form of a #hashtag. The hashtag will be the 'venue' where tweet chat participants will congregate. Users should use the hashtag with every tweet while they are engaging in the chat.
  • A date and time. This is to make sure that all participants are in the same space when the discussions unfold. This will make for a more organized and richer engagement.
  • Invitations. A week or two prior to the chat, send out invites to everyone who might be interested. You can also invite thought-leaders on the topic to make the chat more targetted. Some tweet chats happen regularly, as with #HBRChat, so the schedules are more predictable.
Click HERE for an updated schedule of tweet chats happening all over the Twitterverse. Read more about hashtag limits?and creating a tweet chat.

Why Should I Join A Tweet Chat?

1. You gain new friends and expand your network.

Majority of the tweet chats are informal so there's a lot of room to get to know other users better. Chances are, many of those in the chat you're following are already on your network but haven't had the chance to directly talk with yet. This is the best time to share ideas and establish deeper connections.

2. You learn new things.

Tweet chats normally bring in thought leaders and industry experts who bring larger insight into the conversations. This is a great opportunity to learn new things from those with more experience than you. It's also your chance to ask the leaders key questions you've been wanting to ask for a long time.

3. You can share your opinions.

As you gain more knowledge through the chats, so do you get to share what's on your mind about certain topics. Of course, because Twitter chats are generally regulated by a moderator, you will need to adhere to certain pre-set guidelines. Even without the predefined rules, it's general practice around Twitter to practice etiquette. Chats are a great platform to boost your Twitter profile and 'meet' with industry leaders and like-minded individuals. If you haven't checked out any tweet chat yet, check out the link to the schedule of chats above to explore which suits your interests best.

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