Activity And Interactions Tabs Explained

August 30, 2012
Twitter has made it convenient for users to see who has interacted them with nifty tabs that let you see activity in one page.


Clicking the Connect tab on the upper left side of your Home Page, will produce a drop-down menu where you will see 'Interactions'. This is the page where you will see all of the following: - The latest retweets?by others of your tweets - @Replies and @Mentions?directed to you - Who has followed?you recently

Should you wish to show only the @replies and @mentions, you will need to click the 'Mentions' tab, also located at the right side of the page. Here's how it looks.


What is 'Activity'? The activity tab, which can be found under 'Discover', highlights the latest retweets, favorites [link-pending] and follows from the users you follow on Twitter. In short, this is page where you see what the people you follow are doing in their accounts.


- If you have protected your tweets, only your approved followers will be able to view your favorites and retweets in their respective Activity tabs. - Approved followers will not be able to access your Follow activity. Only your approved followers will be able to see who has followed you or if other users favorite or retweet your previous tweets. - You will not see all the Follow actions from users with large Following networks. - If the accounts you follow have protected tweets, you will not see their Follow activity. - Retweets will appear on your Activity timeline when they have been retweeted by two or more accounts you follow.

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