Tools To Create A Successful Tweet Chat

August 1, 2012
Twitter?is a social networking site where you can find your community and engage with people from all around the world through text-based messages. The conversations that take place on the platform are referred to as a tweet chat. These may be between only two users or within a group, as with a Twitter party. If you're unsure where to start when it comes to choosing a hashtag to follow, our very own HASHTAG CHAT page is a great place to get yourself familiar with the community.

How to Follow Interesting Topics Only

1. Look for the Hashtag to Classify

A hashtag?is easily identifiable because it has the '#' before the name, statement or abbreviation. Tweet chats are then categorized according to the hashtags and allow you to follow other people on the site who shares the same hashtag or topic. Individuals can then easily find the specific topic or conversation that interests them the most and can get the information they need.

2. Find a Tool for Twitter Chat

Beginners might notice how the feeds and tweets tend to be very random when they start following different people. One of the main objectives is to eliminate unrelated tweets, also known as Twitter noise. There are different chat tools for the website that will keep you updated with the latest tweets that actually interest you. These will effectively get rid of tweets that do not relate well with your particular interests and you won?t miss the conversations of topics that you need. Here's a video the Hashtags.org team prepared on Understanding A Hashtag Chat?and other tools you can use to enrich your Twitter experience.

How to Use Other Tweet Chat Tools

1. Monitter

Monitter is one of the best tracking tools available on Twitter where you can view tweet chats and find several keywords that you intend to follow and view. You can also stay updated and constantly follow conversations that mention the same words in real time so that you stay close to discussions that interest you.

Using Monitter by Location

  • At the upper left corner, indicate a location then put the distance origination from the location where you wish to check the tweet chat from.

Changing the language

  • At the lower left corner of the page, you can choose from several available languages.

Adding keywords

  • At the bottom right corner, you can adjust the number of columns you wish to view. Feel free to add or reduce the total accordingly.

Monitoring keywords using RSS

  • If you wish to deviate from Monitter and view tweet chat keywords using RSS instead, you will discover that an RSS feed is instantly provided for each keyword you add.

How to use other options on Monitter

  • To find out if there is a tweet chat for a particular topic or keyword, pick a widget tool that will allow you real time monitoring. Just indicate the specific keywords related to your interests.
  • Advanced search tools are also available for certain topics, tweet chats, conversations and users.

2. TweeTree

TweeTree?is another interface that keeps a close watch on hashtags. Many individuals prefer this because it is more interactive than other tools and applications. ? Start by logging in with your username and password. ? Enter the hashtag in the search tool. ? You will get the conversations that interest you the most together with added materials like videos, photos, blogs and posts from featured users and vendors. ? Other types of information will be provided conveniently such as viewing the content of the link in the stream without the need to click it. ? To join the discussion on TweeTree, remember the hashtag provided to your tweet chat.

3. Tweetgrid

Tweetgrid?is a dashboard where you can easily find and monitor several hashtags simultaneously. Compared to other available tweet chat tools, you can watch up to nine various hashtags at the same time and do not have to register with Twitter to follow conversations. You cannot, however, tweet without having an account on Twitter. ? Pick a grid layout upon opening the web-based dashboard then put in your username, password and hashtag. ? Also input your tweet in the box provided. ? You can follow different conversations and join discussions as well as view photos. ? Adjust the settings according to your specifications and preference. ? If you?re going to follow several conversations, input the hashtag in the proper box whenever you tweet chat.

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