Why CEOs Are Also On Twitter

November 28, 2013
Companies and executives are becoming more active Twitter users since it keeps them close to the target market. Having a social media account will also give you online presence and personality. Many top CEOs and Forbes 500 leaders are tweeting several times each week for different reasons. Here are five of the most popular and why you should follow them.

1. Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump)

The billionaire is one of the most famous and controversial characters in business. He is President of his self-named company and is one of the biggest real estate developers in New York City. He is based in Trump Tower and his name appears in several resorts, golf clubs and hotels around the United States and the world. Trump tweets 5 to 10 times a day on the average and talks about different issues like political stances, real estate news and book promotions. ceo1 Trump maintains a Twitter account to enhance his publicity and presence, considering that his name as a brand is one of his top selling aspects. Companies and investors from different places would pay a premium to use Trump?s name to tag their establishments. Trump continues to share tips on how to get rich and his opinions on political issues. Trump shares both good and bad insights about business, the economy and golf.

2. Jeffrey Immelt (@JeffImmelt)

ceo2 Immelt is Chairman and CEO of General Electric or GE, one of the biggest electric companies in the world. He maintains his Twitter account to keep fans and fellow experts informed about his company?s latest works and events. Immelt tweets a few times each week and provides links, photos and updates on upcoming and recent activities like trade shows, energy expos and conferences. Immelt also provides tips and guidelines on proper and efficient energy use.

3. Jack Dorsey (@JackDorsey)

ceo3 He is co-founder and co-creator of Twitter and maintains an active social media account to stay in touch with users. Compared to other CEOs, Dorsey tweets several times each week about casual activities. He shares photos of places he has recently visited and video clips on Vine. Dorsey sometimes shares quotes or simply talks about his favorite music album or an interesting street sign. Dorsey maintains a Twitter account to provide quick tips to social media users as well as exhibit how others should post. Maintaining a less serious tone makes Dorsey more approachable and puts him on the same level as his clients.

4. Richard Branson (@RichardBranson)

ceo4 Branson is the CEO of Virgin Group of companies and commands more than 3 million Twitter followers. He generally uses the social media platform to share his creative ideas to fans. There are also plenty of tweets, links and photos about activities that Virgin gets involved in to help the community and environment. Branson also posts promotions and new projects every now and then to keep target audiences interested. His social media presence is also a great way to get connected with his employees and other business leaders.

5. Steve Forbes (@SteveForbesCEO)

ceo5 Forbes is Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media and maintains a Twitter account with 73,000 followers. Forbes frequently tweets about global and political issues. He provides links to articles and blogs about different events and important issues that should be addressed and spread to others immediately. Forbes also likes to create hashtags every now and then to discuss how the strategies of the United States government are working for the people. He likes to talk about business and make comparisons between leaders and business icons. Following these social media figures will keep individuals informed on the biggest and latest news in business and global events.

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