10 Ways To Convert Twitter Followers Into Buyers

November 13, 2013
Once you get the hang of getting new followers on Twitter, there are techniques that will effectively convert them into loyal buyers without being accused of being a hard sell. The goal is to create a personality and share the benefits of your company and products in everyday conversation. Be more assertive and invite them to avail of products and services by providing constant updates and creating social media activities that give quick info.

10 Steps To Enhancing Your Network

1. Create a distinct social media personality

Organize your profile on Twitter by indicating the name, contact details and objectives of your company. Indicate in a casual manner what the business is about, how you can be reached and how the company will be helpful to loyal customers in the long term. Provide a clear profile photo of yourself. Others make a separate account for the company.

2. Call to action

Instead of waiting for potential buyers to respond to your posts and updates, invite them to start purchasing. Use suggestive statements in your tweets that will attract more people into actually purchasing the goods. Introduce them to the upcoming sale or event then invite accordingly.

3. Good quality content

Social media experts recommend that you provide useful information that?s both original and unique, which will continue to expand your network and increase the chances of being retweeted or shared by other users. Aim to make 70% of the content you provide relevant to followers. 10% may be for marketing purposes or promotional, while 20% includes shared content.

4. Provide photos and videos

Visual appeal increases the likelihood of driving actual sales into the business. Share attractive photos of your products or people using these for a more casual approach. The photos do not always have to be advertisements. Show your social media personality more by providing videos in casual settings.

5. Share graphs and tables

These are included in visual aids which will effectively present the advantages that your products can provide compared to others. Indicate the differences, pros and cons of particular products and groups to help customers decide.

6. Encourage immediate sale

When presenting products, create a sense of need or urgency and offer goods only within a limited time period or stocks.

7. Be creative

Initiate contests or raffles. Ask Twitter followers to post a designated hashtag or upload a photo related to the business then give prizes to the best posts.

8. Start a hashtag

Hashtags help create hype and encourage more people to discuss the details of new products. You can also learn more about the actual demands of the target market and make the necessary adjustments.

9. Let users share content

Encourage Twitter followers to retweet or share your company-related posts then provide rewards or at least acknowledge them for being part of the marketing campaign. Target key Twitter users who have a huge following and use the right tools to reach more relevant users.

10. Provide updates

Tweeting should be done frequently throughout the day without compromising content quality. Keep your Twitter profile updated and time the launching of new products to keep followers interested. Continue doing research then post unique and original content every week to maintain good standing in the market. These steps will boost sales and strengthen your business position in the industry for months to come.

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