5 Powerful Social Media Advice Any Marketer Should Know

October 1, 2013
Social media marketing has become a staple method in guaranteeing relevant and loyal customers. Compared to traditional modes of advertising, social media campaigns provide more opportunities within a shorter period of time minus the expenses. Marketers should be knowledgeable about the top 6 approaches that will strengthen their position in the industry.

1. Create profiles in the right places

Pick a few of the biggest social media platforms that your target demographic frequents. Some of the top websites to invest in include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Create an interesting platform that target clients can easily relate with. Facebook gives companies the opportunity to create their own page where they can conveniently display products and present their business in full-length. You can make a company page, complete with full descriptions and providing customers with the latest updates. Facebook users are more inclined to follow pages that feature visual content. Twitter is a micro-blogging platform where you can quickly provide details about your business in particular, making use of the 140-character limit. Make a brief but interesting profile to drive the right market and encourage them to follow by filling in information that describes your company characteristics and goals. LinkedIn is known to cater to potential job seekers and employers. You should create a company page to spread information about your business to the right individuals.

2. Use hashtags

Hashtags have become one of the most powerful tools in the social media environment. You can easily categorize topics, set up events and share information to the right people. Using the right keywords and keeping abreast with the recent developments in the market will keep people interested and most likely join the conversation. Hashtags also let you meet key clients who can further spread your brand and participate in online activities for fast growth. Hashtags are ideal for advertising and announcing events. You can further monitor the performance of hashtags through analytics tools.

3. Constant presence

Online followers and fans expect to reach you easily regardless of the time and market conditions. You can maintain constant social media visibility by posting or tweeting regularly, updating your profile, providing useful and informative content, posting pictures, videos and graphs and communicating with target customers. Take time to participate in online discussions and answer questions as necessary. Provide updates weekly preferably related to your type of business.

4. Provide variety

Even when you?re focusing on a particular topic or field, you can keep the marketing campaign interesting by sharing information that pertains to other subjects and fields occasionally. Variety keeps online users interested and shows flexibility on your part. For example, if your business is about cars, you can talk about the dangers of drunk driving, teaching individuals how to apply for a license or sharing tips on how to pick a used vehicle. These subtopics can entice more new followers and keep conversations open while staying on the main topic.

5. Follow-up

Show appreciation to relevant social media users by thanking them after joining contests and social media parties. Tag them in future events, provide freebies or prizes and participate in activities they conduct. Make use of private messaging to provide a more personal touch or send them e-cards. Consolidate your email with social media activities and provide newsletters and useful information occasionally to show that you value them. Time social media campaigns based on weeks, months or quarters. Evaluate the results by distinguishing the key users who can become valuable assets in future campaigns. Also check the trending of hashtags and other social media features incorporated through social analytics devices or graphs so you can adjust strategies and approaches. Plan each social media campaign based on the results to keep important people interested.

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