Keep Your Private Twitter Account Separate From The Professional

December 20, 2012
There are two general reasons why people get a Twitter account. First, they intend to meet new contacts and friends online, so there?s no better place to find potential connections than the micro-blogging network consisting of over a billion users. Others also get a Twitter account for professional reasons. Twitter has been actively focusing on its advertising methods and features. If you?re planning to get a personal and professional Twitter account, it?s best to keep these two separate -- for your own good.

The Pros

1. Recognition.

If you?re trying to get more followers, it would help if you have two separate accounts. Target clients and business contacts will more likely follow your professional account, while your family and friends will follow your personal account. Separating the two will also provide a clear distinction based on your online objectives. When people check your personal account, you don?t compromise your reputation. When people check your professional account, you increase business opportunities.

2. Privacy.

Keeping your personal account separate from your professional account also offers protection and privacy. You don?t want to have unknown followers knowing about your personal activities and plans. You also get to add the people who are truly significant to your business. Concurrently, you avoid random individuals whom you cannot convert into actual sales and income opportunities.

3. Control the information.

Keeping two separate accounts also allow you to arrange and manage the information and tweets you keep for each. You avoid having too much information that might relate to a completely different field. You also avoid mixing information and maintain consistency every time you post. Pictures and other media types can be uploaded depending on the type of Twitter account.

4. Provide the right avenues for conversations.

People will easier locate you online if you separate the accounts. Online users will know where to direct their business-related questions, as well as talk to you casually. You should also fix the contents of your profile well to boost your reputation and appearance online. Fill in the right description to properly lead potential followers.

The Cons

1. Confusion.

If you have one Twitter account for socialization and business purposes, it might be easier to respond to queries, as well as browse for updates. However, you might realize that you can easily make the mistake of posting casual or personal tweets on an account that people expect to stay professional. People can easily get confused if there are several personalities running the account because you might talk about serious matters on one occasion then shift to a more casual tone. Having two separate accounts keeps the consistency so you get to keep your followers.

2. More work.

Having more than one Twitter account will also mean that you have to maintain the two equally. You cannot afford to ignore one over the other or you risk losing valuable followers. You have to constantly provide unique and informative tweets that will be appreciated by your casual and professional followers. This means having to spend more time online to maintain the accounts.

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