Tight Marketing Budget? Promote Your Business For Free On Twitter

December 3, 2012
You don't need a marketing budget to promote your business on Twitter. You can add dozens of new customers in just a matter of days without having to spend so much on advertising, of course, through the right approaches. Social media networks have shown to be one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to grow your company. Twitter, being the largest micro-blogging channel on the internet, offers a lot of free ways that will bring in relevant customers, thereby boosting business and income. You can learn a lot by reading the policies and regulations, as well as talking to other regular users and online marketers.

Free Business Promotion Through Twitter

1. Create an account.

The first step involves setting up a company or business profile. Make it seem inviting and personalized by providing your photo or the logo of the company and then putting a brief and interesting description that tells much about the business and what you?re offering mainly. Choose a simple and short username that will be easy to find and remember. Check your account regularly and tweet a few times every day to keep it active and give the impression that you?re always available. Answer questions and provide unique content.

2. Promote an event online.

Twitter will help you have the needed clients in an upcoming event by providing quick and relevant information?to the right audience. Sending information on Twitter will be useful since you will only be targeting people who are interested in your offers and events. Provide pictures, links and interesting posts that will entice potential clients.

3. Invite followers.

Your main objectives on Twitter will involve having a positive follower and followed ratio. You should constantly invite people to follow you. You can also offer to follow back individuals who choose to follow you. Expand your network by identifying the individuals who can lead others to become your followers too. Browse profiles, view posts and use the search function to look for individuals who talk about similar topics and fields. #FollowFriday is a worldwide and regular strategy used by many Twitter users to gain more followers. Retweeting?and sharing information from others will also help as long as these are relevant to your company and offers. Look for online users who also provide original and interesting posts then add them to your list. After some time, you can also decide which individuals you can unfollow.

4. Use hashtags.

Hashtags?are effective free tools that will bring in relevant customers. You can create a buzz and promote an upcoming event or new promo for free. Just use the ?#? symbol followed by one or two words that best describe the event or activity. Start putting a few posts about the event and invite others to follow. You can also tag people you know and current clients so they can retweet and repost. Existing hashtags should be checked first by using the search function. Find out if there are already trending topics?that pertain to the same subject or event. It?s best to come up with an original trend that also has unique and relevant content to bring in more people.

5. Try live blogging.

Live blogging or tweeting live?will create a buzz and keep clients coming back for new updates and information regarding your event. Live tweets are also free and will improve your reputation effectively to hundreds or thousands of potential clients. It is a great way to interact with current and new clients as well as to entice others to follow. Provide videos, photos and other types of media that will maintain the interest of your clients. These approaches are very helpful in bringing in the needed clients and income to sustain and grow your business to new levels. Read the Twitter rules and guidelines?and also keep in touch with other marketers online to learn more free techniques.

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