Using Twitter for Local Marketing Strategies

November 14, 2012
Twitter is a very effective platform for marketing whether you?re eyeing international or local markets. There are key approaches that will help elevate your business position quickly. Both international and local groups are investing in various Twitter tools and features to gain more followers with the intent of boosting reputation and income. If you?re planning to market locally, it?s best to understand the basic strategies, as well as define the scope of the locality. Customers can be reached according to their specific areas. You can also provide information and share updates according to the needs and behavior of potential clients from specific communities.

1. Use Twitter tools.

There are a number of Twitter tools and features where you can look for relevant clients who will be very interested in your products and offers. You can search for individuals according to location, thereby sharing the advantage of investing in your company right away. Twitter also offers other free advertising tools and features like hashtags. You can tag and retweet?individuals after reviewing their profile. Using these tools will also guarantee that you only get customers who can truly help your business. They are the people who will keep coming back for rich and original content.

2. Relying on newspapers.

Newspapers are available according to the location of the expected readers. You can view people who follow specific newspapers to determine where they reside. You can then invite these individuals to join your discussion or follow you on Twitter. Some publications are very specific, targeting certain towns, localities, subdivisions and groups in certain areas only. View the profiles of followers then enjoin to follow?your account as well.

3. Based on radius.

A number of companies use online tools to search for specific clients by checking the location with the aid of longitude and latitude tracking. Using the grid will mark the exact location so you can indicate the area or radius that you wish to target and cover. This strategy can be very useful for businesses that cater only to certain groups and sites. People belonging outside the radius will no longer be targeted so you get to save time and effort by inviting those who are within your limits.

4. Other local businesses.

Browse through the accounts of other local businesses located in your area. You might find a number of potential clients who can also follow you on Twitter. Check the approaches used by these companies then think of creative and attractive marketing methods that will establish your own company as a reputable and rich source of information. Even if the companies may belong to another industry, it is very likely that you will find relevant clients that can further grow your business.

5. Based on location.

Check for keywords and hashtags that specifically name a city, town or locality then browse through the available profiles. Check for potential followers who are interested in the same things or events that your company offers. You can also use the search function on Twitter to type in the specific area or locality you?re aiming for. Local marketing efforts are generally similar everywhere, but there will always be something that will set a group of strategies apart because certain groups prefer certain things done a certain way. Study your specific market before implementing any routine so you maximize all that Twitter has to offer and avoid wasting time and resources.

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