Why Don't You Have New Twitter Followers?

December 7, 2012
One of your biggest goals on Twitter is to keep your following-to-follower ratio positive; this means that there is a balance between the number of people you follow and those who are following you. It will be easier for people to trust you as well as the brand you?re advertising if you have a lot of followers, not the other way around. If you have very few followers but follow a whole lot of people, then you might want to check the way you handle your tweets and Twitter account as a whole to find out where the problem lies. There are a number of reasons why you?re not getting enough follower numbers. By changing some of your online habits and understanding the importance of relevant content, you will discover how quickly people will add you to their lists. Moreover, you also get in touch with people who are important to your online objectives and activities by having a set target readership for your account.

Why Your Follower Numbers Aren't Moving

1. Your profile is unidentifiable.

Many Twitter users think that it doesn?t matter whether they fill in their profile data or not. Majority of online users actually browse people?s accounts before they decide to add. Filling in the details, like who you are, what you do or what interest you, will give potential followers the opportunity to quickly read all about you and discover if you share common interests. Provide a clear photo of yourself and indicate a few useful data that will identify you from others online. This also gives your account a distinct personality.

2. Your have poor content.

You might be posting unimportant or random information that cannot identify your main focus or interests online. Take note that Twitter is mainly about information sharing and consumption so if you're hardly posting anything that may be relevant to the community, then likely your follower count will not move.   Provide original and unique content that people cannot find elsewhere. Potential followers will only follow you if they realize that the information you provide will be useful to their own online activities and goals. Add value to your posts by putting pictures. Share and retweet as needed but be sure to create your own original and exciting posts more often. Better yet, revolve your tweets around a specific industry or field so people within that market will take notice and start following.

3. You?re boring.

Perhaps you?re giving the impression that a computer is handling the Twitter account and not a real, breathing human being.   Social engagement experts recommend that you post casual tweets once in a while to make it seem as if a real human being is behind the computer. Set up contests and post links and other types of media to keep people interested. You can also start discussions through a hashtag. Automated tweets and frequent retweets will only bore potential followers. Make use of the different Twitter tools and features to add life to your posts and encourage other users to participate in conversations or interact with you. Find out if hashtag you're eyeing already exists, and if it doesn't, establish it immediately by defining it. You can then track how the public is responding to your hashtag by monitoring analytics.

4. You don?t follow back.

Some Twitter users are more than willing to follow you if you follow them back. If you fail to follow others online, it is very likely that they will unfollow you soon or ever. Indicate that you follow back. This way, you can work with other online users to improve your follower to following ratio. Also invite others to join your hashtag campaigns or engage actively in existing hashtag threads. Those who find your conversations interesting will most likely follow you afterwards.

5. You don?t tweet frequently.

It?s ideal to tweet 3 to 5 times a day to remind the community that your account is active and that you're ready to socialize. The quality of your tweets, of course, should not be affected by the growing quantity. At the same time, it shouldn?t take too long for you to post a new tweet. Make it a habit to update the information and posts each day or week. This will give your potential followers the impression that there?s always something new and unique to look forward to and will be worth following. If you're not sure what you want to tweet about, you can start with current events and then post a tweet in the form of a reaction or a question, so that others will want to answer back and engage in a conversation. Majority of accounts that don't get follow-backs are those that are poorly managed; either they rarely post tweets or tweet nonsense when they do. Of course, 'nonsense' is a relative term. Know your target readership first and then tailor your posts toward information that will be relevant and interesting to this market you identified. Do you know of other tips to help increase follower numbers? What tweeting blunders have you seen that made you want to NOT follow the other user?

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