Twitter 101: Why You're Not Getting Follow-Backs

October 16, 2012
People are not getting a lot of followers on Twitter because they fail to make an impression. If you notice the process, people usually follow back after you start following them. They will be notified if someone new has become a follower and they will most likely do a quick review whether or not you?re also worth following back. The idea is to make a good impression and make sure that your profile stands out to make it seem worthy of getting more followers. Here are some reasons why you might not be getting a good number.

Lack of Information

Too many Twitter users fail to include adequate information about themselves on their accounts. Many online users are becoming more wary about individuals on the Internet, especially those that they do not know personally. People have been the target of online attacks by trusting accounts that have absent or lacking information. Sharing some of your interests will also help bring in more followers. When people review your profile, it should indicate things that would make the two of you compatible in some way. Without these similarities, they will not follow you on Twitter. Find a reason for them to want to be updated with your tweets.

Originality and Compatibility

A lot of Twitter users fail to post original ideas, messages and quotes. Tweets should tell a lot about our own personalities, so these should not be copied from others online. Although it is acceptable to retweet every now and then, it?s equally important to create a presence by thinking of unique and original quotes and sharing your witty and humorous side. Also, make sure that you can relate well and specifically to the target audience. This means that posting about matters that only relate to a certain niche will most likely be unattractive to others who are unaffected by these. You can tweet about the weather or local news occasionally, but also be mindful of other potential followers located in other areas who might be interested in other things.

Level of Importance

When posting on Twitter, the idea should be to give your tweet and home page a personalized approach. Potential followers will be more attracted to accounts that have something meaningful and personal to share. Twitter should not be used primarily as a selling site. There are individuals who make an account to feature companies and products. If this is your goal, it is very unlikely that you?ll get the target number of followers -- unless, of course, you're a huge brand whose name speaks for itself. Posting can be done throughout the day, but make sure that these are relevant to some degree. Some people find it annoying when Twitter users post several times about unimportant matters. The information should at least be useful to those who mean to follow you.

Stop Bragging

It is also very annoying for many to follow someone who constantly brags about his or her activities for the day, new clothes, new accessories, etc. Do not declare yourself as a social media expert or you might even lose existing followers. Try to observe how celebrities and other popular Twitter users get and keep their followers by posting about matters that others can relate with. The idea is that tweets should not solely focus on you. If you learn how to tweet in ways that will be beneficial and useful to your followers, then the numbers will grow.

Check Your Timeline

Finally, your timeline should have variety. Having RTs or retweets as well as original posts will show spontaneity. Interactions will also help so use @mentions whenever relevant. Also, tweet regularly and update the information you have shared, as needed. People like to get some news from you at least once each day so feel free to share your thoughts.

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