Convert Social Media Contacts Into Business Relationships

March 26, 2013
Social media started out as a way for people to casually communicate online. However, recent developments and new features have expanded the uses of social media platforms. More businesses are getting involved in the process because they can tap into new resources, information and thousands of potential clients without exerting much time, money and effort. You can actually convert social media contacts into business relationships by following a few rules and guidelines. Here?s how.

The Planning Stage

First, you have to establish your goals. Break these down into smaller objectives that are more limited in period then determine how you can grow your business further. The objectives will also involve certain individuals who will be most relevant to the cause. List down the things that you wish to accomplish in a week, a month and a year. Also indicate the types of information you have to learn about that will be helpful for your cause. Second, describe your target market. You will realize that many of your social media contacts actually belong to your target market. Set the demographics by describing the age, sex, educational background, financial capabilities, employment, location and other details that will be useful for your presentations and offers. You can use online tools or check various accounts to find the most relevant individuals to include in the target demographic.

The Conversion Process

Fix your profile and account by indicating details that will suggest the type of business you?re in and your key strengths and advantages. Introduce yourself as a professional or expert in a specific field then include some keywords or items that will further describe your company. You can also include the name of your company and your current position. Every now and then, post pictures or upload information that is highly related to your company or business. Get in touch with the key and most relevant individuals you listed down. Start with family and friends and then move out to others who are highly influential on the social media platform. Choose the people you follow and tag individuals that you wish to invite to conversations. Send them direct messages or start hashtags and chats regularly to improve your reputation online. Attend existing tweet chats and hashtags created by social media contacts. Offer to help in some events and share some of your expertise by providing media content and links. Show that you are a useful and relevant person in the industry and your social media contact will most likely be interested in doing business after some time. Be updated with recent issues and join summits and conferences to be more visible to potential business contacts and partners. It will also help to find a mentor.

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