How to Make Yourself More Relevant on Twitter

July 2, 2013
Social media sites like Twitter help people and companies look for relevant individuals to follow their accounts. Being ?relevant? means that the targeted individual belongs in the same field or has the same interests. Users can save time and effort by targeting only the relevant audience who can actually share their posts and information, thereby getting introduced to more online users. Your network can expand and you can be deemed as an expert by learning a few approaches and guidelines.

1. Stay visible

Many social media evangelists recommend that you tweet 5 to 10 times a day at least. You will keep appearing on others? timelines by sharing relevant information regularly. Use a variety of media content when tweeting such as photos, links, videos, blogs and infographics. Share your activities, upcoming events and projects. Whether you?re running a business or promoting yourself, use a variety of teasers and interesting content to draw more people. Using hashtags will also improve visibility. Host online chats and events so people can easily remember you as an expert.

2. Make friends

Twitter is one of the safest and least intrusive social media environments which is why it is preferred by companies and celebrities. CEOs and Presidents of businesses create their own online account since they can conveniently talk to fans and loyal clients regarding the brand and products. You can approach and be approached, thereby creating a friendly online personality. Make the account as interactive as possible so the target audience feels as if a real person is actually operating the account.

3. Showcase your interests

Beginning with your account, provide a full but brief description of your likes and interests. You can easily draw people who share the same by tweeting about your activities, posting photos of recently acquired products or answering questions by other online users. Research first before answering queries then provide links, photos and other sources as necessary. Use hashtags and join conversations to find others who can be helpful sources in the future.

4. Rebuild as needed

Over time, you might feel that the number of followers you?re getting is stagnating. Introduce new media content and rebuild yourself as necessary. If there are instances when you?ve received negative publicity or committed errors in your online campaign, try to explain yourself or say sorry, using the 140-character limit wisely.

5. Getting a manager

If you do not have enough time to tweet several times each day, you can get a manager or operator who can run the account. You can also get someone to research on fresh and good quality content. If you need to respond online, try to relay your own personal message to the operator to make the post as authentic as possible. People can easily sense if you?re not the one making the posts. Make it a habit to read and get new information then update the account through your manager. These approaches will keep the target audience interested and deem you as a relevant social media user. Coming up with updates and getting their attention each time will warrant a solid reputation.

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