It's Not Always The Numbers: Guide To Tweeting Smart

March 14, 2013
Some people are misled into thinking that tweeting frequently is the only way to gain recognition and add more followers. The truth is, the content and timing of the tweets are more important than frequency. Posting too often can even lead to a number of problems that might ruin your reputation online. Social media engagement should be done properly to effectively boost your business and increase following.

1. Q & A sessions.

Constantly engage with your target audience by holding question and answer sessions each week about your industry or particular brand or products. These will be highly informative and will also help establish your reputation online as an expert in the field. Launch the questions and answer series in a timely manner (ideally 10 to 15 minutes apart, depending on the user response) and with accuracy.

2. Find solutions.

Successful online businesses provide solutions to actual problems and do not merely meet demands temporarily. You have to do some research and get the latest updates and developments about your products and offerings so you know how to address each unique inquiry. Remember that client tastes are ever-evolving -- you must keep up. Increase brand awareness by giving individuals the information that will both offer added value and solve their predicaments.

3. Give promos.

Add more value to your products and company by occasionally giving promos, discounts and other perks. People will see you as a company that truly cares and not merely one that?s after their money. Provide value by offering useful and beneficial products that come in very reasonable prices -- or give something away just to create buzz. Also, give updates on the recent developments on your brand and indicate how long the offer will last. smart2

4. Provide links.

Posting links together with your tweets will increase social media engagement and increase traffic to your actual site. According to research, tweets with links are twice as likely to be reviewed and responded to by social media users compared to plain posts. Tweets that come with photos along with links are also more likely to get attention. smart3

5. Use hashtags.

Hashtags are powerful tools to get your target audience in one place in this vast micro-blogging space. By placing a # sign before a word representing your brand (as with #hashtag), users who post using this tag will be more accessible -- thus, giving your market strategy better definition. You can also track how your hashtag is doing, who is using it and what other hashtags are being used with it. Take a look at #hashtag, for example. In the graph below, we see that at 9:00pm on March 13, the tag got some 510 tweets. Further down, we also see who the top posters are and what people are saying.



Constantly find new ways to engage and communicate with your customers. Always remember that because Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that sets character limits, user engagement is crucial. Give your brand added value by offering information that will result in long-term benefits. You will establish your company as a truly helpful one in the industry and will be referred to again by satisfied clients.

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