Tweeter?s Block: Plan Your Tweets So Everyone Still Reads

August 22, 2013
Tweeter?s block is described as a situation wherein you realize that there might be no new or interesting content to provide to your audience. Good quality content is the most basic approach if you intend for Twitter users to keep following you. The messages also have to be consistent and updated regularly. Make a full assessment of your tweets then determine if you yourself would like to keep reading.

1. Evaluate your strategy

Read and observe your tweets in the past few days. Are these compelling or interesting enough for people to read and follow? Do you consider yourself a good source of unique and quality content? Make an objective assessment by writing down the strengths and weaknesses of your tweets. Find out if these are still relevant to your kind of industry and what necessary changes should be done to improve the quality of content.

2. Get ideas from others

Talk to other members of the team then write down ideas that can be offered to target followers. Break down broad topics into smaller and more specific issues which you can release in a timed manner. Check how well people respond to your posts and consider the right kind of activities that will bring in new followers as well as strengthen your ties with existing ones.

3. Write blogs and articles

Regularly provide light reading materials for Twitter followers. From the issues and topics that you have considered during meetings with team members and other experts in the field, write 1 to 2 articles or blogs per subtopic then release these throughout the week or month. You can maintain the interest of the target audience and keep providing fresh content every week.

4. Get updates

It is equally important to get quick updates and learn about new trends and issues that spark the interest of relevant users. Tweet and provide content based on these new facts so you can establish yourself at the top of the industry. Provide daily tips that are pertinent to current events and relate these with your specific field or business.

5. Start a hashtag

Hashtags are quick and convenient ways to bring in the right people and learn more about the demands and trends in the industry. You should contact the key followers who can generate a lot of traffic and draw more Twitter users to share their own content. Think of a hashtag that will define the recent activity or event easily. You can also do live tweets and Twitter parties. Notify target individuals beforehand to increase the number of participants.

6. Adjust your calendar

Prepare a calendar for a whole month then make the necessary changes based on how Twitter users respond to your type of content. Make an evaluation at the end of each week. You may use analytics tools to determine the impressions made and the actual responses of individuals to your posts. Personally engage with target users and exchange information as needed. Using these key approaches will prevent tweeter?s block and grow your followers online.

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