Is Your Hashtag Campaign Working?

June 6, 2013
Hashtags are constantly used by corporations and organizations to bring in more customers and immediately spread information regarding their products and offerings. These can also be tracked and evaluated to determine how effective certain approaches and strategies are. The hashtags have been used in advertisements, music albums and other forms of media to create a buzz and keep people interested. There are a number of things to try to maintain the momentum of hashtags or boost its popularity.

The Mercedes Hashtag

Mercedes Benz launched an advertising campaign to increase and maintain the interest of loyal and potential followers to its brand. The campaign featured a story divided into three different parts. Each part was aired on UK television. One of the key strategies included picking useful commercial breaks in ?The X Factor? episodes. Considering the popularity of the TV show, more TV viewers were able to see the campaign. The viewers were involved in the whole approach since they were asked to vote on the results of the chase scene. The hashtag #YOUDRIVE was created were viewers can share their preferred actions on the outcome of the scenes. Mercedes Benz further uploaded the whole short film on YouTube. It again became an avenue for viewers and followers to share their opinions and choose the outcome of the story. Because of the options provided, online users and TV viewers were highly involved in the whole approach and they were able to witness different possible results of the film. The brand and company were also imprinted and showcased for a long time, which will eventually lead to increased brand awareness and recall.

How to Track Success

Companies that invest and use hashtags to promote their brand and company name can further determine how well the hashtag is doing through analytics. The analytics tool will show the relevant users following and joining the hashtag. There are also turnouts to give advertisers the idea whether or not they are hitting the right target market. For #YOUDRIVE, for instance, we see how many tweets are made at a specific time, how many impressions were generated, who its most prolific users are and what other hashtags are being used alongside. A high engagement number will mean that the public has welcomed the hashtag well, while a low number will mean that the PR team may need to revise the campaign strategy. You can check performance as far back as one year. campaign1 campaign2 Successful hashtags will immediately garner a lot of social media users and have several interactions in a span of 24 hours. The trend will continue to rise in the next few days. To maintain momentum, the hashtag creators can update information regularly such as showing new parts of the film series as done by Mercedes Benz. Companies can also get people involved by asking them to share their ideas and opinions on the advertisement and product. The hashtag creator should keep the focus on the topic and invite people to share related content. Providing fresh and relevant data consistently will bring in more clients and maintain the interest of followers. If the hashtag is not doing well based on analytics, companies can include other forms of media to help such as TV and print media. Using a combination of these approaches will improve the way people respond to the advertisement and increase their interest. Provide pictures or videos for more visual appeal. Also share links and relevant websites related to the topic to bring in related users and find other social media users who can share these accordingly. Look for influential individuals online who can bring in relevant clients. These online leaders usually have a lot of followers that can also be included in your network. Recently, social media advertisers realized that tapping TV viewers can significantly improve their advertising campaign online. Hashtag campaigns can work well when used concurrently with TV ads or TV shows. Several TV shows and series are using hashtags to get feedback from viewers as well as increase interaction. Advertisers can also use the same approach to improve their standing.  

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