Artists Use Hashtag Music to Get Social Media Attention

June 3, 2013
More artists are using hashtag music as a way to spread information to fans. As a result, singers enjoy the rise in publicity and sales as social media users discuss the songs and albums. Mariah Carey has an upcoming studio album and showcased her lead single with the song #Beautiful. Many listeners noticed how Miguel started the song. Miguel shared how Carey has a lot of expertise on sound and made the entire song very unique because of the vocal combination. Miguel was somewhat starstruck, having worked with the superstar. He shared how amazed he was with Mariah Carey?s beauty, personality and talent. He appreciated how the diva had a straight plan for the record and found the title very fitting. He further shared how he found it very unbelievable to have made a music video with Carey. Miguel confessed how he had a crush on the singer since he was young. The hashtag #Beautiful generated one million tweets in the past month. beautiful1 Aside from Mariah Carey, two other artists also used hashtag songs to create a huge following in social media sites like Twitter. Jennifer Lopez and Busta Rhymes also came out with their own unique titles with the # symbol at the beginning. #1Nite was the first hashtag song introduced by Cobra Starship which did very well on Billboard. This hashtag didn't get as many tweets as the producers would have expected, generating only some 746 tweets in the past two months. beautiful2 Miley Cyrus and Will.i.am also showcased hashtags on their albums after discovering that these were very effective in garnering attention and getting people to talk about them and their new creation. Hashtags became very popular as Twitter was solidifying its position as one of the top social media networks on the internet. Hashtags had the # symbol before the topic or word so that topics and conversations can be grouped together and online users can easily find and join these for added exchanges. Hashtag music today has become a useful tool for producers and artists to boost their reputation and increase sales.

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