10 Things You Should Know About Getting Twitter Followers

July 5, 2013
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All Twitter users aim (admittedly or secretly) to have the highest possible number of online followers. Aside from boosting your reputation, Twitter followers offer the opportunity of keeping you visible to the target audience. Online users can easily share or engage with your tweets and acquire other types of information. You can also stay updated with recent developments on whatever industry or personality and get quick information regarding various topics.

How To Generate Followers

Here are some things you need to know to gain and maintain followers on the social micro-blogging website.

1. Be natural

The first step to having a lot of followers is to be yourself online. It will be easier to stay consistent in your tweets and develop your online personality by being authentic and approachable. Have fun on the social media site and make friends with people who share similar interests. You can engage with more like-minded people by joining tweet chats and replying or retweeting other interesting people's tweets.

2. Frequent tweeting

Twitter does not encourage you to flood, but rather, to tweet often. Five to 10 tweets a day is sufficient to keep yourself visible and keep followers and potential followers interested.

3. Good quality tweets

Instead of random tweeting or talking about your activities throughout the day, take some time to research on good quality information then share these in your own words.

4. Relevant tweets

Relevant posts will lead to relevant users. Relevant users are your target audience on Twitter who belong in the same field or have the same interests. Be consistent in your tweets by talking about related issues and topics. The content should pertain to a target audience to bring in the right individuals whom you can discuss matters with further.

5. Visual appeal

Share photos, videos and infographics to supplement your tweets. People are more inclined to open links or photos when these are placed in tweets, thereby increasing your chances of getting more followers.

6. Retweet

Learn how to RT or retweet and be retweeted. When people find your posts interesting, there is a huge chance that these will be retweeted, allowing more potential followers to see and add you. Follow the character maximum limits. For others to conveniently retweet you, keep the posts under 120 characters.

7. Direct messaging

If you have to discuss private matters with certain individuals on Twitter or need to talk in detail, use the DM or direct messaging feature instead of conversing via tweets. You can target key Twitter users via DM.

8. Engage with people

Take time to answer queries and questions online. Join and create chats and discussions to meet highly relevant individuals. Thank people for joining your chats or responding to your messages. Tag and retweet people regularly to build solid and long-lasting relationships online.

9. Start contests or hashtags

Online competitions will solidify your reputation on Twitter. Provide cash rewards and think of unique and creative contests that will get more people involved. You can gain several new followers by hosting a Twitter competition.

10. Keep your record clean

Avoid starting arguments with people online. If you need to take a stance on controversial issues, post in a decent and respectable manner. These tips will help you build strong relationships on Twitter. Your followers will be your long term allies whether you?re a casual user or an online marketer.  

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