7 Steps to Stress-Free, Hassle-Free Tweeting

March 22, 2013
Using Twitter does not require knowledge of rocket science to enjoy, but there are rules and guidelines to follow to ensure that everyone will have a fun time. Failing to practice proper etiquette can ruin your reputation and cause you to lose followers. These guidelines are generally simple and easy to follow. Start practicing the right manners online and gain more followers. Here are 7 tips to having a hassle-free Twitter experience.

1. Keep it short but content-rich.

You don?t always have to use up all 140 characters on Twitter to get your message across. Many experts say that the ideal character count is between 100 and 120 characters. Save the rest for a link or hashtag. Many online users find posts too long and do not truly make much sense. Instead, focus on the main idea and keep the post as short as possible to garner attention and invite a call to action. tweet1 Remember, Twitter is a micro-blogging site and not everyone appreciates random ramblings.

2. Observe proper hashtag use.

When using a hashtag, put it at the end of the tweet and not at the beginning. Also use no more than 2 to 3 hashtags per tweet. Make sure that these are related to your post. The hashtag should be simple and short as well. Use proper capitalization to create word separation and avoid using very long hashtags. Take for example the infamous hashtag #susanalbumparty, which got grossly misinterpreted online. If it had been written as #SusanAlbumParty, the effect would have been diminished (although it really is a terrible hashtag to begin with). Putting too many or very long hashtags can be more annoying than informative. tweet2 Read more about Irritating Ways To use Hashtags.

3. Complete your profile.

Twitter users are less likely to follow accounts that do not include full information, especially a profile picture. Nobody wants to follow an account that looks ill-maintained and boring. Include a decent or casual profile picture. Also fill in the details like your description, interests and a few contact details if necessary. Read more about Creating Your Twitter Profile.

4. Stop selling.

Twitter may be used to create company profiles but it is improper to sell items using the social media platform -- worse, coming off as a hard sell. Instead, market your business by engaging with customers through effective communication. Selling products and services on the site might cause you to lose customers. People on Twitter like to know more about the business and get updates. Save the actual selling in other places.

5. Tweet regularly, not frequently.

Tweeting should be done no more than 5 to 10 times each day. The tweets should also be sensible and relevant to the main topic or what your company is about. Avoid tweeting casual things or activities that won?t be helpful to others. Hollywood celebrities get away with random, senseless tweets sometimes because they already have a pretty avid following. You will only be flooding people?s threads if you post too often. Read more on Why You're Being Unfollowed.

6. Thank and promote.

Always acknowledge helpful individuals who participated and aided in your online activities and conversations. Feel free to retweet, tag or promote people on Twitter. tweet3 Give them the idea that you appreciate their efforts. You can also join their conversations in the future and actively promote their programs and activities in return. Read more about Thanking Your Fans on Twitter.

7. Send some messages privately.

If the post is only intended for one person or the information is quite confidential, send a direct message or DM instead. Avoid posting messages that are not directed to the public. tweet4 It will be similar to talking very loudly in a public place and sharing sensitive details. Select the proper mode of communication when interacting with individuals online. Start a hashtag if you wish for many to discuss a specific topic. Read more about Direct Messages.

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