Why Are Your Followers Unfollowing You?

March 4, 2013
You've created a snazzy Twitter account and check it everyday, but somehow your follower numbers seem to be dropping -- what's happening? Despite how much you might have equipped yourself with the basic approaches that will guarantee continuous growth in the number of followers you have on Twitter, there are also reasons why others decide to unfollow you over time. Knowing the causes will help prevent further damage and you might even regain some of those you lost after being more sensitive about your activities and posts.

1. Posting too often.

Experts recommend that you post anywhere between 5 and 10 times each day. Some individuals manage to tweet 20 times or more each day, which tend to flood the threads of possible followers. You might even be regarded as spam by others. Posting too frequently tends to be more annoying than informative which is why many would immediately unfollow you on Twitter.

2. Content lacks value.

The quality of your posts should also be kept good so you will be deemed as a reliable and excellent source of information. Many individuals fail to post things that are truly helpful to followers. When people start to notice that you only post generic information or retweets, they will decide to unfollow. Always provide unique and updated posts to maintain the interest of current followers.

3. You only focus on yourself.

Online users like the idea of having a real human being to converse with, which is why they will instantly unfollow those who only promote themselves. Focusing only on yourself means that you constantly talk about non-important matters. Examples are tweeting where you?re currently located, what you?re eating or what you?re wearing. Think of real issues to keep people interested.

4. You rant too much.

Although it is acceptable to use social media as a form of venting out your frustrations, be careful about tweeting to attack others online. Offensive tweets can lead to suspension or banning if these are deemed serious or violative of the policies and rules on Twitter. Be careful about posting things that reveal a lot of anger and insensitivity. These bring out negative energy that will repel current followers.

5. You?re too concerned about making money.

Many online users do not follow companies and brands because these have a very robotic appeal. Twitter users would rather follow the account of the actual president or manager of a company because it has a real personality and seems more approachable. Be more casual and focus on the needs of your target audience. Don?t make it seem as if you?re only out to make money or induce them to spend on useless products.

6. You tweet too little.

Similar to why followers do not like you tweeting too often, they also do not like you tweeting to infrequently. You have to strike a balance by posting relevant tweets every now and then. Make it a point to stay updated with recent trends. Join hashtags and other conversations and participate in other online activities. Your followers will appreciate you for participating and will return the favor in the future. Thank those who join your conversations too.

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