How To Get Away With Social Media At Work

January 14, 2013
Many bosses have deemed using social media platforms at work as more of a distraction rather than a productive activity. There are actually many companies who spend a fortune blocking off all the social networking sites just so employees could focus on the tasks at hand. The problem is, the lure of interesting photos and comments from thousands of connections from different parts of the globe is so powerful that workers cannot help but take a glance and then realize that they?ve already lost a few hours in the process. The matter gets worse if they get caught and receive an infraction for what they've done. There are ways to justify your claim should you be caught stalking your work crush?s account. Of course, these tactics are not boss-proof, so use them moderately -- or only in dire situations.

1. Say it?s for research.

Begin by saying that you are looking for more contacts to expand the network of the company. This will be approprite IF you job involves looking for contacts or sourcing new clients. Social media is actually used by millions of individuals from different parts of the world for professional means, so it is a very easy and convenient way to look for potential customers without spending anything. Tell your boss the advantages of categorizing potential clients based on their interests and most frequented pages. Social media then becomes a tool for market research and strategy.

2. Say it?s for the company?s reputation.

Some people actually get away with social media at work by creating an account for the company. According to most social media enthusiasts, they prefer organizations or companies that have their own personality. This means that the posts and pictures should be more casual and the company should address its target market on a more personal note. This gives the impression that there is a real live human being behind the computer and will guarantee increased sales and traffic.

3. Say it?s your job.

Some people who had the initiative of creating the company?s social media account may actually be endowed with the fun and official task of being its main administrator. A number of employees are appointed by companies to manage the account and provide updates and relevant information to users. Some are actually given a raise for doing so.

4. Say it?s an emergency.

Many individuals today use social media more than other platforms and means of communication to get in touch with colleagues, family and friends. Indeed, social media has become the new email; why, some news writers have also even begun feeling envious of the likes of Twitter, where just about anyone can report real-time information about an event. Sending messages is free plus you can make an announcement to all your contacts within a few seconds. If time is of the essence, simply explain to your boss that you have to get in touch with these individuals quickly without disrupting your work and social media is the only way to do it.

5. Say it?s almost lunch.

You can actually justify browsing through social media accounts by telling your colleague or boss that it will only take a few minutes. The activity actually relies much on your ability to schedule properly and manage time. Have the discipline to limit your time to no more than five minutes or use social media for business purposes. Save the casual stuff for lunch break. Of course, you can get away with this gracefully if you DO bring in high productivity numbers to the office. If you are known to slack off and not work when you're supposed to, then this might jeopardize your status with the company even more. Following these simple justifications might give you some lead on how to continue using social media at work without getting fired. Once again, use them moderately and only as needed. If your work does not really necessitate the use of social platforms, why bother spending time on it? Of course, this being the digital age, you can always access your social media accounts through your mobile phone or tablet. Get a data plan and you can certainly multi-task work and pleasure without getting in trouble.

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