On Micro-Blogging Limits: How Personal Should You Get On Twitter?

December 26, 2012
Twitter allows people to socialize and advertise on #Twitter. Being the largest micro-blogging platform on the web, there are over 1 billion Twitter users posting 4 to 5 billion tweets every day. People are also limited to 140 characters only when posting each tweet so it?s best to make use of each letter wisely. Some individuals make the mistake of sharing very personal information or posting their honest opinion and then realizing that they incurred the wrath of thousands of others or put their reputation on the line.

Regular Folks and Celebrities Tweeting

Twitter is highly preferred by many celebrities since it provides them the privacy they need so they can stay secure from unscrupulous individuals and invasive fans. At the same time, they get to stay connected with their supporters and can promote events, films and other activities that will maintain their star power and good reputation among fans and publicists. Ordinary individuals usually do not have to deal with the same trouble that celebrities do when they post biased or honest statements. Celebrities, on the other hand, are expected to present themselves better in the same way that they are expected to always look good in front of a camera. Many celebrities have tarnished their reputations because of wrong tweets.

Foolish Celebrity Tweets

Some celebrities, particularly the rich and beautiful, have a knack of getting too bored that they completely make a fool out of themselves online. Nicole Richie (@nicolerichie) once tweeted, ?I?m, like, soooooo pretty? which epitomizes the dumb blonde stereotype. Lionel?s daughter was on fire for a few days before Twitter users finally let her off the hook. Kim Kardashian (@KimKardashian) also once shared, ?Watching Cash Cab and these questions are so hard!? Barbadian singer Rihanna (@rihanna) replied to a tweet sent by a fan asking why her hair appears nappy. Rihanna hotly tweeted back, ?@NinyaBella cuz I?m black bitch!!!!? She might lose some sympathy points even after she supposedly cemented herself as the damsel in distress after her breakup with Chris Brown many years ago. Rapper Lil Jon (@LilJon) tweeted, ?WAS RUSHIN HOME TO TAKE A DUMP AND GOT CAUGHT BEHIND A SCHOOL BUS DROPPIN KIDS OFF!! LONGEST 30MINS OF MY LIFFFEEEE!!? Some celebrities just don?t know where to draw the line. Regardless of his fun and happy nature, the tweet still proved to contain too much information. Magician extraordinaire Criss Angel (@CrissAngel) is well-known for his vanity but he took a step too far after he posted a photo of his half-naked self on Twitter with the tweet, ?In hot tub??

More Wrong Celebrity Tweets

Some celebrities try to put too many ideas in one tweet that it ends up completely incomprehensible. Kate Gosselin (@Kateplusmy8) tweeted: ?Helllooo!My am is well on it?s way!Looking 4ward 2 2day.Lots 2get dun b4 r wkend of filming! Shld hav sum X 2 tweet 2day so checkin w/ ??s? Singer Cher (@cher) also confused her Twitter followers once by stating, ?Hey Lovlies! What?s the deal with some a these people who think my Tweets r Physo? Am I hard to understand?? Actress Kirstie Alley (@kirstiealley) tweeted, ?I?m leaving on a jet train ?? Several others were also attacked for misspelling words or using the wrong terms trying to use commonly used lines. Singer John Mayer also posted a picture of himself wearing the super skimpy spandex outfit that the character Borat wore in the movie. Until now he might be wondering what he took to make it public. Other celebrities have received criticism or permanently ruined their relationships with fellow stars after tweeting derogatory comments about them. Justin Bieber is one of the most bashed celebrities online -- although also one of the most celebrated. Hopefully, these circumstances will teach other celebrities to be more careful next time.

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